Nigerians Who Used Boko Haram To Apply For Asylum Status In Germany For Deportation

nigerians use boko haram asylum seeker germany

Oct 18, 2016 – Nigerians Banned From Claiming Refugee Status In Germany..Angela Merkel Says Nigerian Asylum Seekers Using Boko Haram As Cover Up

  • Nigerians Banned From Claiming Refugee Status In Germany…10,000 Asylum Seekers For Deportation
  • Nigerians Who Used Boko Haram To Apply For Asylum Status In Germany For Deportation

Few days after meeting President Buhari, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered Germany to stop accepting asylum seekers from Nigeria because most of them are using Boko Haram as cover up to stay in Germany legally.

According to her, over 10,000 who applied for asylum in Germany this year would be sent home.

After her tour of Mali, Niger and Ethiopia, the politician said she came to realise that most Nigerians claiming to have fled over Boko Haram insurgency were only looking for an easier life.

She said this is in contrast to those running from bloodthirsty ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Angela Merkel said not all Nigerians who claim to be fleeing Boko Haram are doing so, and are therefore ineligible for international protection under the conditions afforded to asylum seekers.

Over 10,000 Nigerians who used Boko Haram as cover up in Germany are now facing deportation.

10 thoughts on “Nigerians Who Used Boko Haram To Apply For Asylum Status In Germany For Deportation

  1. My country people desprate in terms of living this naija. Plz dont run away let us stay together and make nigeria better by god grace

  2. make niger a better place with too much kidnaping and killing,delta militant and rest,blood rituals everyday and robbery. tell me whats good about the country anymore. curruption everywhere. leaders stealing money. no hoe for nigeria again. buhari is telling them to deport them,what is one thing u have done to help the youth of that country,no work ,no emloyment,or u want them to come home begin carry guns kill or kidnap. do something provide work for all youths mak niger a simple place to stay and ull see whether people won’t enjoy. else step down.

  3. another 10,000 people will be jobless, homeless and hopeless in Nigeria Buhari is an id*** for asking Germany to deport these people who are more likely to have better life in Germany than in Nigeria

  4. Buhari,s children lived, studied and graduated abroad why did he request for the deportation of these people who spent a lot of money to look for better life elsewhere knowing there is no hope and future in Nigeria ?

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