Photos: Pastor Caught With Skeleton Of Sister In Ogun Says Dead Sister’s Spirit To Return

pastor caught skeleton sister ogun state

Oct 18, 2016 – Pictures: Pastor Who Allegedly Used Sister For Ritual In Ogun State Says Dead Sister’s Spirit & Body Will Soon Return From Spiritual Journey

There is a new twist to the pathetic story of a self-acclaimed Pastor arrested in Ogun state with the skeleton of his younger sister .

Pastor Sunday Oluwatobiloba told police his sister is not dead as reported by the media. He claimed that the skeleton found in his living room will soon receive life as his sister who has gone on a spiritual journey in the past 6 years will return this year.

pastor skeleton ogun state Skeletal remains of the deceased

According to him, he is not afraid to live with her anytime she returns from her journey to the great beyond.

Due to the mysterious claims made by Oluwatobiloba and his only surviving sister Elizabeth, medical experts have been invited to carry out necessary tests on the suspects to ascertain their state of mind.

How can a sane man claim that a woman who died six years ago has only gone on a spiritual journey.

This kind madness deserves urgent treatment.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Pastor Caught With Skeleton Of Sister In Ogun Says Dead Sister’s Spirit To Return

  1. He is lying they should charge him for Killing!!! MUMU!!! he is just saying that so that they would live him and asume that they are not in their right state of minds….fooools.

  2. This self acclaimed pastor is insane. I quite agree with RAPO, he might be saying this for all to be believe he’s mentally unbalanced. For all I care, you can fool yourself but you cant fool us.

  3. @Rapo… Did u forget to curse his ancestors and tribe? Oh! I bet u won’t do that cause he is from ur tribe,with no history of ritual killings, crimes and other vices. Hypocrite.

  4. Haaa, he is a pretender who is simlpy looking for way of soft handling his case, besides, he is never a pastor but ritualist. Animal in cloth.

  5. what I don’t understand is does he not receive visitors in his house at all for six yrs.
    and they should help us ask him what killed her in d first place.
    one thing I know is that he is not insane but what can make someone stay with a corpse for 6yrs and he didn’t even hide her out of site.
    so many questions unanswered and quite worrisome.

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