Nigeria’s Michael Jackson, Michael Eze Aka Walko Chilko Blames Self 4Yrs After

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June 26, 2013 – Nigerian Michael Jackson, Michael Eze Aka Walko-Chilko Blames Self 4Yrs After

Over 4 years after the death of Michael Jackson who passed away on June 25, 2009, his Nigerian look-alike, Michael Eze popularly known as Walko-Chilko, has blamed no one  but himself for his inability to get in touch  with the “stage idol” while he lived.

Expressing regrets in a chat with Showtime during the week, Walko-Chilko  said, “ The greatest mistake I have ever made in my life was my inability to meet Michael before his death. While he lived, people advised me to send my photograph to him, but I never took the advice seriously until after his death.”

Speaking further, Walko Chilko  revealed that when PMAN used him to welcome Marlon Jackson to the country a few years ago, the first question the latter asked was whether his brother knew his activities.

The Imo State-born pop singer who is returning to the spotlight with a new album, ‘Come Let’s Heal The World,’ described the late king of pop as “ the greatest entertainer that ever lived in the history of the world.”

However, explaining why he decided to imitate the late Michael Jackson’s lifestyle even after his death, Walko-Chilko noted that they share a lot in common. “I play pop and I’m a good dancer. I  believe I have the same look with Michael Jackson despite my colour. I admire Jackson very much and I believe even the life a black man is living today is imitated,” he explained.

The pop star’s new album is being dedicated to the late Michael Jackson’s Heal The World Foundation. According to him, Jackson’s legacy has to be sustained.  “I wrote the song in support of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World Foundation. It was written because children of the world need helping hands.”

The  10-track  album also features songs like ‘My Love is Free”  ‘Pretty Mama Jama”, “Peace for Africa”   and ‘African Heroes’.

According to Walko-Chilko, the songs in the album are mainly party songs that flow with the trend.


23 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Michael Jackson, Michael Eze Aka Walko Chilko Blames Self 4Yrs After

  1. obinna..hw can u call ur friend a fool.meanwhile d poor guy wasnt opportuned to meet his role model

  2. You are very lucky he did not get to know ur activities while he was alive. You would have sold the whole land in your village to pay for compensation and damages. Mumu.

  3. U ar a fool man. Som1 who sold his life 2 d devil and died with the devil, u still want 2 be lik him. Micheal Jackson is in Hell fire now According to ANGELICA ZANBRANO who saw him wit pope John Paul2 when Jesus took her. U better repent and accept Jesus Christ b4 it will be too late 4 u. I pity those who comment well done and go ahead. They will answer 4 dis soul if it lost. Many of u who wrote these claims to be church goers. But u knew nothing about God 1JOHN 2:15-17. U think God didn’t see ur comment? He sees it. Go on ur knees nw and ask God 4 4gives pls.

    • Point of correction Pope John Paul II is not in hell, whoever said dat is evil… But as for micheal jackson, he is in hell, God showed me. I saw him in my dream.

  4. infact i know this guy, he came to my shop to share a circular notifying that he his having a show , i attended the show, when it was time for him to perform , he danced and danced, later he took one of his shoe and fling it out to the fans like late pop did, but to his suprise the whole fans dolge the shoe and it fell to the ground, that day laugh wan kill me

  5. Heaven candidate,u r so blinded by hate or whatever dat u fail 2 see tins d way u shld,wu s ur so called ANGELICA ZANBRANO dat claims dat jesus showed him hell,bet he s ur gods right hand man guess ur god also showed him heaven wit ur grandfather in it…damn,try getting a lyf.

  6. Heaven candidate how did you no that micheal jackson and pope john paul is in hell did you see them with your two eyes don’t use you own mouth to curse yourself remember God said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,nobody have gone to the land of the dead and return and could be able to explain wat he saw so don’t just belive all you heard may be some we say that to sell his or her book or film. so wat you hav to do is to belive in God and trust him and don’t judge

  7. Hahahahahahaha… Dis is so hillarious! Smbdy wil wake up 1 day and wnt t continue 4rm where anoda person stopd. Oga imitator do u no where d music cum frm? Pls look b4 u leap.

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