Nollywood Actor Baba Tee & Pregnant Fiancee Dupe Odulate On Vacation In London [PHOTOS]

baba tee girlfriend pregnant

April 26, 2016 – Nollywood Actor Baba Tee & Pregnant Girlfriend Dupe Odulate On Vacation In London [PHOTOS]

The comic actor and his fiancee Dupe Odulate are currently chopping life in London.

He took a swipe at his ex-sugar mummy, Yetunde Oduwole with this caption

Why call your ex a fool… Baba Tee fear God o

17 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Baba Tee & Pregnant Fiancee Dupe Odulate On Vacation In London [PHOTOS]

  1. I do not know yetunde oduwole from adam, neither do I know u in person Baba Tee. You know yetunde was older than you before you started warming her bed. It is nothing strange for a man to date a woman who is older. I have seen cases, and they are doing fine with their children. You did this because she is rich. A normal woman who wants to be loved. Y deceive her when you actually have your plan? You think she won’t react to your action. Everything has a consequence. Stop insulting her if you have just realised she is old enough to be your mother. Congrats to your new love.

  2. When you were phucking her she was your sugar honey. Don’t worry this your love will soon be old fool.

  3. @ omo just to correct you yetunde not a rich woman,she’s on state benefit but baba tee should stop the childish altitude.

  4. For me your wife is so ugly, and i will choose Yetunde hundred times over this ur gorrila. By the time she gets to yetundes age gorrilla will sure look better than her. Monkeys as couple.Mshewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. Hahahahaha…kikikikiki… “…empty old fool…”
    “Let’s see the drama this time around…” means Yetunde Oduwole will probably claim ‘this time around’ the shoes Dupe is wearing as hers…
    Can’t stop laughing

  6. Guess this dude need to slow it down grow up man and stopping rattling with a lady. Unsure of why the lady got so much into you and let you have that attention. You fat , ugly , look more like an illiterate bush boy…..FAT PIG DUDU

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