Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo Is A Frustrated Biafra Warlord For Saying Buhari Hates The Igbos – Oruma

buhari hate igbos

August 8, 2015 – Nigerian Actor, Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo Is A Frustrated Biafra Warlord For Saying Buhari Hates The Igbos – Oruma

I dare to say that the so-called Barrister Okonkwo is suffering from Intellectual Amnesia. In fact, I read with absolute shock on flimsy excuses put up by a failed-Barrister turned Actor, Barrister Okonkwo that PMB may not appoint the Igbos into his cabinet because they never voted for him in the first place, but much more disgusting is the fact that PMB hate the Igbos with passion.

Apart from Mr Okonkwo boring career, we all know that he has no political value in the scheme of thing. This young man is seriously broke and needed a quick fix through cheap blackmails to draw home financial patronage from the likes of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and Biafra warlords.

It is no surprise that Mr Okonkwo is singing this hatred song with stanza full of sentimental inclination, because in this part of the country dubiosity thrives and true conscience is buried for financial inducement or reward.

In life you must always prepare for the consequence of your action, as Igbos have refused to be part of anything good more importantly to do with the unity of this country, forgetting that Nigeria is one great indivisible entity, and if it was possible Ikemba Nnewi Gburugburu Odumegwu Ojukwu would have achieved Biafra.

Igbos made their choice and must be ready to live by whichever outcome. It would amount to sheer-intellectual waste for anybody criticizing PMB for not appointing Igbos into his government, after all you do not plant Beans and expect to harvest Yam? They had their opportunity in Formal President Jonathan but wasted it instead with intimidating corruption. It is natural that those who laboured for PMB are rewarded bountifully without recourse to Federal Character as painted by Mr Okonkwo, and if anybody dislike it 2019 is not a bad idea to change this government if he or she can, as PMB has come to stay till 2023.

PMB was rained with every insult he could ever bargained for, despised upon by the Igbos, labelled as ‘Aboki the father of Boko Haram’ and at best never voted for him during the election, but God in his infinite mercy shamed these individuals with hatred towards PMB. Interestingly, he defeated the most corrupt young Phd. Holder of an incumbency with the largest Political Party in Africa.

People like Okonkwo should hide their face in shame having boasted all around the country with celebrity shame of solidarity in support of formal President Jonathan, whom by his cluelessness grounded this country to a halt. After all the mess we are passing through today was as a result of his ineptitude and orchestrated corruption perpetuated by the Igbos. For the first time this section was given a chance to govern Nigeria, they wrecked harvoc on the Nation with impunity and proved many right on their treachery and betrayal.

It should be recalled that the likes of Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Deziani Madueke, Senator Pius Anyim Pius, Osita Chidoka, Arunma Oteh, Chinedu Mebo to mention just a few are in charge of our economy, but what did we get? these criminals looted this country to red alert yet unhappy to be booted out by Nigerians for their incompetency.

Now that the Change is finally here we can not afford to accommodate individuals with myopic agenda in the name of Biafra and ethnic hatred. Is it not a shame that 6years of Jonathan Administration the 2nd Niger Bridge remain a scam of the highest order?

Ironically, Just 2 months of PMB the UNEP Report is implemented to fast-tracking the clean-up of Ogoniland as part of the recommendations contained in the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Report on the devastation pollution of Ogoniland by oil exploration activities of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and allied multinational corporations.

This is my advice for the frustrated Okonkwo! It is time you go beg for a movie role other than trying to seek cheap popularity on a subject matter you lacked intellectual input. May be the new NNPC boss is from Zamfara State, and that you people sold your conscience for monetary gain is not enough reason to dislike PMB, he is a man of integrity this am sure is a hard commodity amongst Igbos.

Until your likes realizes dubiosity, illegality, fraud, baby factory, cultism, arm robbery, and terrorism which landed your brother Henry Okah in South African Prison, are crime against the State that can not take you anywhere other than obeying the law of the land, an Igbo Man can never smell the seat of Government again, with due respect to His Adoration Holiness Reverend Father Mbaka, His Highness Honourable Rotimi Amaechi, Senator Chris Ngige, Ogbonnanya, Rochas Okorocha and every spirited Nationalist from the region.

buhari igbo leaders

I am sure Mr Okonkwo would have preferred Moris Iwu or at worst Orubebe as DG, DSS to the man from Daura, forgetting so soon that the devil incarnate her Excellency Marilyn Ogah was the chief tormentor of opposition parties as well as the apple eye of Jonathan yet he saw nothing wrong with it, but quick to criticize unnecessarily. I can not but pity your low sense of reasoning because you appears confused, though is understandable given a careful- strategy adopted by PMB to recover the looted funds from your brothers and sisters.

Alas! Friday August 7, 2015 being an International Beer Day, I am pretty certain that you writes from a beer joint, and this explains why your article reeks of alcohol.

[Article By ABDUL YAHAYA ORUMA, President Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum (NYIF)]

27 thoughts on “Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo Is A Frustrated Biafra Warlord For Saying Buhari Hates The Igbos – Oruma

  1. Okonkwos are everywhere, pardon their ignorance but don’t generalise because the Igbos are not the same. No tribe is perfect even your own brothers are behind insurgency. Let us all allow peace to rain.
    I appeal to all igbos to watch the likes of Amaechi and Okorocha and follow their path. God bless our country

  2. Elections are held for people to choose their leaders. And after elections, any candidate that emerges as the winner,becomes the president of the whole country not of a particular region . That is how it is done in civilized climes. It is only in primitive part of the world like Africa that you hear people use words like ‘drown in the lagoon if u don’t vote for me or my candidate’.In your opinion,Igbo people love money hence they voted for GeJ. In the same vein should we infer that Buhari is a sponsor of Boko haram because he once said that an attack against Boko haram is an attack against the North? Or we should also say that hausa people love money because of the likes of Faruk Lawan,Abacha,IBB etc? When next u want to write,buy a good dictioonary,learn the geography of Nigeria,do proper sequencing of logic and avoid errors of sweeping generalisation. ************************************* ******************************

  3. #Yahaya Oruma,but how can you address your fellow citizen in this way “The first time we gave them chance,they misused” it as you claimed we’re one Nigeria? Your statement is improper and has to be redressed. If we’re really one Nigeria,anybody has the right to be in that position,because it’s a survival for the fittest. But through your statement,it shows we’re not one, because nobody has to be there by chance,but by merit. .

  4. Whatever Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo might have said against PMB were entirely his personal opinion and shoul be treated as such by Yaya Oruma and not to generalise it.Afterall,some of us that fought for change did not care which part of the country or tribe PMB comes from.We believed he was the man of the moment since he has been tested,trusted and has integrity.Please,for the sake of one nation one voice,let there be decorum when making our comments.A stitch in time saves nine.

  5. This is purely a hate jibe. This mallam need to be reminded of the misdeeds,misgivings and mal administration of his most treasured kiths and kins. Nigeria is decayed or seemingly irreparable and in a state of abysmal corruption and comatose is largely caused by the likes of IBB, Abacha, Al-mustapha, Gowon etc. Abacha’s wife’s infamous money laundering inglorious scandal till smacks of the Nigerian internal and external reputation. However, the great news is that the stolen monies by the tyran and the entire Abacha family is included as part of the looted currencies to be recovered by the US. It appears that some mallams, dont have shame and dignity, did he forget in a jiffy the notorious case of pseudo “mr integrity” Farouk Lawan? Anyways , those cash stashed abroad by his species ( farouk & cronies) shall be recovered soon. June 12 was at the instance of an Ibo man right? What a brazen and shameful daylight robbery by his “saintly” IBB ? Boko Haram plague is fundamentally championed by Igbo’s or is my memory failing me? In the meantime, I want to remind him of the news reported here, where his brothers whom are mainly bogus immigrants were caught at the verge of scaling india’s boundary fence tojoin the dreaded ISIS. OMG! ……dis islam religion we’re sharing, diaris Godoooo!… . ……….. ….. Nigeria today is in the list of insurgent riddled nations can only undoubtedly be caused by the Hausa/Fulani joint forces. I will not brand u pple belligerent or Boko Haram tribes because there are few abstaining Aboki’s.

  6. Thanks a lot Kingsley Ogubor, Ikech, Ephraim Nwosu and Romanus and others. Yahaya Oruma came across as someone with ****** and intellectual deficiency. Yahaya thinks that Mr. President should be the president of the North only and those states that voted for him. Even in the South West, the president did not win all the states and in those states that he won in the North not everybody voted for his party. In the South East the president’s party won overwhemingly in Imo state and in the states that he lost in this region, there are people who voted for him too. The president should be the president of Nigeria and not for a particular tribe or set of tribes. The likes of Yahaya Oruma wants Buhari to be the president of South West and North alone. Even in the Middle Belt wherethe president lost to PDP, what does Oruma say about that?. All I personally want is for the president to appoint whoever he feels will help him govern well to root out corruption and other vices even if all of them are from his mother’s womb. All we want is progress. Yahaya Oruma should have concentrated his venom on Kenneth Okonkwo who I see as someone with bitterness in his heart. Kenneth Okonkwo is not a politician but an actor and as such does not know how to coin his words. His comment on Buhari is unwarranted and personally I do not think the president will be biased in ruling the country. I think he will do his best to straighten up the country and tribalists from anywhere should stay clear and give the president a free hand to make decisions. To correct Mr. Oruma, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is from Bayelsa in the South South and for Oruma to say that nobody from South East will be president of Nigeria shows he does not know his geography. People with myopic views like Kenneth Okonkwo, Yaya Oruma and like minds should stay clear of politics.

  7. I believe that there is some comments which is not supposed to be published in this Niaja GISTS,if such comments continue to arise, i faer there will be another civil disturbances, please dont provoke the youths, we are still fighting boko haram, Nigeria need peace now, the write is an Anti Buhari Government, he want to distabliz the government by provoking and insulting his fellow Nigerian tribe.

  8. Mr writer @Yahaya Oruma I am sure u know dat Mr Okonkwo is a lawyer and quote the law in his statement just like every reasonable & mature mind will behave? But u on the other hand u allow sentiments 2 eat ur heart by generalising,well by PMB actions & by ur words I will laugh back at the loyal igbos in APC. Even b4 PMB becomes the president, they said he have a vengeful heart & dats is what he is displaying now, even to Dikko an aboki,his brother

  9. The Northerners, Tafawa balewa, Gowon, Murtala, Shagari, Buhari, IBB, Abacha, Abdusallam, Yar’adua and yet again Buhari have variously ruled Nigeria. We are all witnesses to their achievements and failings. Boko haram is also a Northern insurgency not Igbos. I leave you to your conscience.

  10. Honestly, I believe that Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo article leading to this harsh response from brother-Yahaya Oruma was very divisive, baseless, and pure lies. Why? It true that PMB won about 5% of our people’s votes from South East region (Igbo people), but that is the beauty of democracy. In a true democracy, majority are the winner because people are free to Cast their Votes The Way They Choose. But that doesn’t Indicates that all Igbo people hate or dislike PMB. I know for sure that this president understands that fact, in addition to that, PMB is a man of uncommon integrity and honor. He loves Nigeria and her people so much that at the retirement age of 72,this great Nigerian statemen came back from retirement to serve the interests of all suffering Nigerians that have be abandoned by over 35 years of misuse of power, embezzlement of public funds, corruption, and now insecurity due to former president Jonathan incompetent, corruption, and low IQ. How can Barrister Okonkwo claims that PMB will not appoint Igbo when his ministerial appointments are yet to be disclosed publicly? Similarly, brother Oruma can not use hasty generalization that all good people of Igbo land should be blame for ugly comments, utterances or article written by one frustrated Igbo lawyer turned actor. We have low mentality people like actor Okonkwo in every tribe or ethnic group in our beloved nation. What we can do to those seeking cheap attention or popularity by promoting lies, ethnic hatred, religious tension, and tribal sentiment is to ignore them to their foolishness. PMB will not discriminate against any tribe or group in Nigeria based its voting history or pattern in the last presidential election. At this point in time in our nation history, we should be pray for PMB to succeed as our newly elected president. And for false accusers like brother Okonkwo and many other from all our tribes, is high time for you guys to start using your talents to promote love,unity,and coexistence among Nigerian various groups and version. PMB will never give Nollywood beggars billions of naira of taxpayers money to be wasted and shared among Nollywood actors, actresses and their corrupt movie producers. PMB is not and will never act like that dumb and corrupt GEJ. Igbo kwanu!!!!!

  11. Dear Mr Oruma, it is very obvious you have this inherent hatred for the igbos. But I should also remind you that the respect for the Igbo nation is the beginning of wisdom. Take note. You should have consciously narrowed your anger to the actor and not to generalize. You are worse than Okoknwo!Trust me you don’t have an idea what you are up against. Pity.

  12. This man Yaha is notyn but a fool,u are talking about the igbos being they most corrupt pple in nigeria.And u hv forgotn to ask urself who started corruption in this country.Ur broda’s Ibb,Abacha,Abdulsalam Abubakar who in less than a year in office turn the accct of this great nation in to his own pocket.Do u think this is a politics of the north only.And u hv also forgotn that most of igbo pple voted for pmb.And why are we proclaiming one nigeria whenan idiotic person like uis saying we hv no say in our own country,just bcos we did not vote for ur broda.U hv no right to be a judge against any tribe bcos the problem of terrorism we are facing in this country is from u pple.How dare u insult an igbowho has the spirit to be fruitful even when the govt of this country has purnished us much,since after the civil war.When Obama contested for president,there is no insult he did not recieve from pple who did not believe in him.But he has not stop improving the life of his pple.U also said that an igbo man will never be the president of this country,just know u are not God that knows the future.If Pmb like, let himnot appoint an igbo man in his cabinet,we must survive.Even they pple he appoint will only better they life of their family not pple like us.So what is the need”.Yahaya or whateveru call urself allow the igbos to be and stop insulting or humiliating us.JUST KNOW THAT I PERSONALY SEE U AS A FOOL BY UR WRITTINGS.Mr Okonkwo has the right to express his opinion and that does not give u the right to insult the igbos.pls let it enter ur skull that president jonathan was never an igbo man,he is from south south.And southsouth has never accepted one day that they are igbos.I HATE PPLE LIKE U WHO ARE TRIBALISTIC IN NATURE.

  13. I’m really tired of these counter accusation and allegations. Work the talk and quit the talk!the likes of APC and co should stop picking holes in the past activities of Dr Ngozi ? Election and campaign time is over!!!!!!

  14. This Buhari has an hidden agenda and on a special assignment to set Nigeria on fire. We cannot continue this way because unlike what he promised during the campaigns that he would make the naira equal to the US dollar. Is he now overwhelmed?

  15. ungrateful Nigerians kept saying and writing negative things about former coordinating minister of the economy, Okonjo-Iweala for serving this country in all honesty. You guys should allow your conscience to lead you aright

  16. Even when they know they are not her match, disgruntled Nigerians kept accusing Dr Okonjo-Iweala for all manner of criminal allegations. But the fact remains that she is well respected all over the world.

  17. Madam Okonjo-Iweala is too busy to be distracted by all these rantings being peddled in the media about her. People should be humble enough to learn from her wealth of experience rather than make claims that are inflammatory in nature.

  18. All these jobless people should stop feasting on Dr Okonjo-Iweala. Instead, they should go and look for work so that they can be busy at once.

  19. The funny thing is that the more they kept writing rubbish about Dr Okonjo-Iweala, the higher she goes. I think her detractors should have a rethink and repent from their wicked ways.

  20. A public figure in the person of Dr Okonjo-Iweala cannot be run down by any human being. Whether her enemies like it or not, the young woman is going places and there is nothing they can do about it.

  21. Saying what is not true just because you have mouth is not good for the interest of our nation. It is better that you say the truth. Madam Ngozi is one woman that never looted any money and spreading propaganda about her is not fair. Let us learn to say the truth.

  22. Some should tell these scavengers to stop spreading rumours. This is not in the best interest of our country Nigeria. Why will you choose to tell lies? Saying that the previous administration never meant well for this country is not fair. Madam Iweala did a lot to save this country from the thieves that calls themselves politicians. I so much respect her for her courage.

  23. Before now, billions of Naira has gone into thin air through the bureaucratic government institution, thank God for Madam, she saved us from this daughters and sons perfidy. Thanks for the introduction of compulsory biometric exercise. If not, all this thieves and wolves hiding in sheep’s cloth would not have been exposed.

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