Actress Omotunde Ogundimu Remembers Late Husband

omotunde ogundimu husband name

Popular Nollywood actress Omotunde Ogundimu, the troubled actress who left the movie industry years ago after a strange illness that caused non stop bleeding has remembered the love of her life.

The actress who lost her husband, Olaoluwa Akanni in 1995 recently remembered him.

Here is the information the Ogun-based mother of three shared with fans in remembrance of late Akanni on Thursday.

omotunde ogundimu late husband

3 thoughts on “Actress Omotunde Ogundimu Remembers Late Husband

  1. Sorry maam but what killed him.
    why did u decide to stay single all this years. Do you mean no man has ever checkd u out

  2. @ pelu whatever , ur comment is so stupid I can almost tell DAT stupidity is ur middle name.How insensitive can u b? God help u!!!

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