NTA 5 Staff Toilet In Victoria Island, Lagos (Photo)

nta 5 toilet in victoria island lagos

June 6, 2013 – Nigerian Television Authority, NTA 5 Staff Toilet In Victoria Island, Lagos (Picture)

Pictured above is one of the toilet being used by staff of the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA 5 in Victoria Island Lagos.

I’m sort of words. What a shame!

Tell me guys how much will it cost the Federal Government to renovate this embarrassing scene?

20 thoughts on “NTA 5 Staff Toilet In Victoria Island, Lagos (Photo)

  1. This is ridiculous! Don’t blame the federal government for this shameful thing, however the blame should be on the management of NTA 5.

  2. Our problem is that we want govt to do all for us.Is it President & minister that are using it? Let those that are using it do humanitarian service to put it in order

  3. What a shame, this is how people contact disease with all the oil money. Afterall the big post holder travels abroad and they have seen how their public toilet are being taken care of. It’s a shame to Nigeria

  4. How much will it cause the Staffs to take care of their health. Is the federal government using the toilet with demand. They should do something for FG.

  5. This one is still good,go to the one in Ibadan first TV station in Africa NTA u will congratulate Nigerian leaders for job well done, Animals in Human skin Fela done talk since .when he talk am people say na smoke dey worry am say Fela dey craze.. So who dey craze now sey na Fela dey craze abi Nigerian that are cowards that can not fight for their right

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