Dino Melaye Replies Remi Tinubu: I’m Not One Of Those Senators That Beg Bola Tinubu, Count Me Out


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July 15, 2016 – Dino Melaye To Remi Tinubu: I’m Not One Of Those Senators That Beg Bola Tinubu, Count Me Out

Dino Melaye has issued a statement on his threat on female Senator Remi Tinubu.

This is what the Kogi Senator said yesterday:

“On Tuesday, July 12, we had an executive session to discuss basically the issue of forgery case in court and I stood up to address the house. I have never been a coward and I will not start an apprenticeship programme now, on how to become a coward. Whatever I say anywhere, I can boldly repeat everywhere. When I stood up and I made my submissions that day, all I did was to pacify my colleagues and asked that the case in court be withdrawn because, already, there was a resolution that the rules of the senate were not forged.

“I said since there was a Senate resolution, that the rules were not forged, all those who had gone to court should go and withdraw their names from court and that at the end of the day those who refused to withdraw their names from court, we should penalise them by suspending them. I said that.

“I did not use any insolent, abusive, degrading or mannerless language. So, there was no reaction from any of our colleagues as regards my presentation. After I spoke, so many other senators spoke and I did not mention the name of any senator when I made my presentation

Unfortunately, Senator Tinubu got up and was recognised to speak.

“She, specifically, mentioned my name and said she was being harrassed in the chamber by Senator Melaye. I kept quiet at that point. She went ahead to ask why would I be threatening senators.

“At that point, I was still very calm. She got up again and said, ‘this thug must be tamed.’ At that point, I got up and told her that she was very stupid. The next statement from her was ‘you are a dog.’ When she called me ‘a dog,’ I stood up and reacted.

“I told her that we were not in Bourdillon and that she should look at my face, that I am not one of those senators who normally come to prostrate to them at Bourdillon…”

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-West has told Melaye to apologise to Senator Tinubu, the entire Tinubu family, womanhood and the APC in the South-West publicly.