Offer To Upgrade JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE Bad Results: Beware! Dr Olumen Irabor Is A Fraudster

upgrade jamb neco results

June 30, 2016 – JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE Bad Result Upgrade: Beware! Dr Olumen Irabor Is A Fraudster

An internet scammer posing as one Dr Olumen Irabor offering to upgrade bad exam results is a fraudster.

Here is a typical advert he is posting on comment section of popular news website online.


By the grace of almighty God, I believe i have tried for the WAEC, AND NECO GCE students that has written there exams 10 years ago and the ones that are still writing / has just finished by coming open online to let you all WAEC,JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE AND NECO GCE candidates / students know that i am the only original and certified official in the above offices that can help you do upgrade of your bad results, release of your withheld results and to solve any form of problem you might have been having with your above results and admission into any university in Nigeria. Again i took time to let you all that have the above results issues, No matter the issue you might have be facing on the result and no matter the year you wrote the exam, Just relax and call me on the following phone number: 07060764708 to get the problem solved. Terms and conditions in getting any of your result fixed and proper for you to use in getting into any higher institution will be discussed when you call to narrate your issues. Please all WAEC,JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE AND NECO GCE students, Beware of fake officials claiming to be real that can not help you. The only guaranteed solution to your results problem is me. Believe it or not !! Am Dr Olumen Irabor

7 thoughts on “Offer To Upgrade JAMB,NECO,WAEC GCE Bad Results: Beware! Dr Olumen Irabor Is A Fraudster

  1. The problem also is with the students who want to”rectify” their grades notwithstanding the fact that the claim of the advert that results of up to TEN years will be upgraded. That claim is enough to make people cautious that it is a false claim.
    Moreover, the mind set of some people has been programmed to think that unless you have some “help” from these questionable sources you will not passWAEC etc.
    Indeed some parents pay large sums of money to have their children registered in schools located in rural areas just for the “benefit” of having them “helped”in examination halls notwithstanding that the children attend schools in cities and presumably have the advantage of good teachers being assigned to teach their children.
    Until students and parents believe in pursuing true knowledge as opposed to having high grades by hook or crook, fraudsters will continue to thrive and people will continue to fall prey to these scams.

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