Ohio Woman Smiling Besides Corpse Of Dead Husband Uploads Pictures On Facebook

ohio woman smiling corpse late husband

Sept 15, 2015 – Pictures: Ohio Woman Eva Holland Poses Beside Dead Husband’s Corpse, Mocks Him On Facebook

Ohio Woman Smiling Besides Corpse Of Late Husband Uploads Coffin Pictures On Facebook, Says Heroine Drug Addiction Killed Him

Meet Eva Holland, an American woman who recently took to Facebook to expose her late husband’s drug addiction problem.

Eva told her fans that 26-year-old Mark Settles died of hard drug overdose on the 2nd of September 2015.

In the seeming mocking post, Eva talked about the dangers of drug addiction.

The first photo of Eva and her children smiling beside late Mike Settle’s corpse has since gone viral.

Do you think the first photo is appropriate?

3 thoughts on “Ohio Woman Smiling Besides Corpse Of Dead Husband Uploads Pictures On Facebook

  1. I admire your courage to share your story, Eva. What a sad waste of life and loss to these two lovely kids, that would grow up never to have their daddy present at graduations, sports events and hopefully, weddings. The truth is, drugs are addictive and addiction kills. I hope people are learning from this. Thanks for sharing your story and best wishes for the future to you and your children.

  2. This story looks like the dead man in the picture; took out a massive life insurance before his death; this would mean the woman would be eligible for a huge pay-out upon the death of her husband.
    …But if this is not the case, then I must salute the lady for her bravery, courage and selflessness for sharing this story ;this will surely help to save the lives of some drug addicts out there.
    This is indeed a tragic lesson and a wake up call to all addicts out there!

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