Ojopagogo’s Missing Daughter Found: Damilola Has Been Found – Olayiwola Rasaq Thanks Fans

ojopagogo daughter found

July 14, 2013 – Ojopagogo’s Missing Daughter Found – Damilola Has Been Found – Olayiwola Rasaq Thanks Fans

Comic Nollywood actor Olayiwola Rasaq popularly called Ojopagogo has found his missing daughter.

According to the actor, his missing daughter Damilola who was reported missing on her way to Ibadan from Oyo State has been found.

The actor’s blackberry status states; “Thank you all for the love and concern; you will not cry over your children. You will never know sadness; you will never know the grave of your child and may you never experience disorganisation. Damilola has been found but she is not yet home. All of you will never lose a child; thank you very much,

On July 9th, 2013 Olayiwola Rasaq reported the case to the police.

Police urged anyone with useful information to contact the nearest station about Damilola’s whereabouts when she went missing.

Damilola was said to have left Oyo town for Ibadan at 2pm, Tuesday, July 9th when her disappearance became news but sanity has been restored to the household of the Olayiwolas after Damilola’s whereabouts have been ascertained.

Another mystery solved. To God be the glory.