The Difference Between Journalists And Bloggers – By Nigerian Actor Saheed Balogun

saidi balogun

July 14, 2013 – The Difference Between JOURNALISTS And BLOGGERS – By Nigerian Actor Saheed Balogun

My hat is of to journalists in Nigeria, we have come a long way. However it is a shame on my entire country when individuals that call themselves “journalists” who are actually just mere BLOGGERS think it is acceptable to violate internationally accepted ethics and build a “career” or “voice” for themselves writing rubbish. Rubbish articles that are not rooted in fact, have no proof/fact checking, have no quotes from affected stakeholders, or have anything else of substance are not written by journalists. They are written by BLOGGERS with a craving for attention that resembles that of an adolescent. As I have been asserting as of lately “Eniyan dudu abi iwa dundun ni mi.” I am black, proud and intelligent. Please support real genuine JOURNALISM and don’t make the mistake of spreading rubbish rumor mongering from mere BLOGGERS.

On July 7th I held one of the most successful and highly acclaimed film premieres in the history of Nollywood. Please enjoy reading about it and viewing some of the photos here .

That is all. God bless you all and God bless Nigeria!

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