Okorocha ‘Bribes’ Imo Lawmakers With 25 Prado Jeeps, Presents N131Billion 2017 Budget

okorocha bribes lawmakers prado jeep

December 25, 2016 – Okorocha ‘Bribes’ Imo Lawmakers With 25 Prado Jeeps & 2 Land Cruisers Before Presenting N131Million Budget For 2017

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha on Friday presented to the State House of Assembly, a budget of N131,143,144, 277 for the 2017 fiscal year christened “Budget of Consolidation and Continuity II”.

At the same event, the governor presented to the state legislators, 27 Sports Utility Vehicles – two Land Cruisers and 25 Prado Jeeps – to further boost their performance in the coming year.

Presenting the budget on Friday, December 23, 2016, Governor Okorocha disclosed that, Capital Expenditure has N77, 413, 016, 169 or 59.03% while recurrent expenditure has N53,729,938,108 or 40.97%, adding that “the 2017 budget proposal will seek to stimulate the economy by focusing on infrastructural development delivering inclusive growth”.

Under capital expenditure, Agriculture and environment has N6.4b, while works and transport has the lion share of N31.5b, whereas under recurrent expenditure, subvention cost and consolidated revenue fund charges, have N15.3b each.

Education and health sectors have N4.5b and N1.8b respectively. The government also expects N19.9b from internally generated revenue and N22.1b from statutory allocation, while N8.7b and N3b are expected from Value Added Tax and 13% Derivation fund.

While alluding that the 2016 budget was a success, the governor had told the assembly that, “the 2017 budget holds a bright future for our people. We will continue to stand on our well articulated development strategy and deploy resources in a more prudent and efficient manner”.


7 thoughts on “Okorocha ‘Bribes’ Imo Lawmakers With 25 Prado Jeeps, Presents N131Billion 2017 Budget

  1. Bribing senators to approve the huge budget is out of order.
    This is Okorocha last tenure, I hope he will not ruin the state for them

  2. any body can do whatever they want, where in the World public money is pent like this if not in Nigeria, that country make me sick

  3. Bribing the legislature to approve his budget have some sinister motive behind it. I hope it is not for them to look the other way for him to steal the State treasury. It is now obvious that those who govern Nigeria go there to steal not to do the job of the people.

  4. That money will syphoned to okorochas Goldman Sachs American bank account but don’t you worry as trump will be waiting because all Nigerian money in USA account owned by politicians in Nigeria mr trump is going teach them a lesson that the never forget!!!!!!

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