Olu Jacobs Fan Duped By Facebook Fraudster Using Free Gift Offer

olu jacobs fan duped fraudster

April 8, 2016 – Olu Jacobs Not Giving Out Free Gifts On Facebook… Beware Of Fraudsters

A fan of NG has been scammed by online fraudster posing as veteran Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs.

Godfrey Chuma from Angola sent 500 US Dollars to Olu Jacobs impostor who promises to send him free gift.

olu jacobs fan duped fraudster

Make una shine eyes, these fraudsters will go to any length to make money off innocent people.

12 thoughts on “Olu Jacobs Fan Duped By Facebook Fraudster Using Free Gift Offer

  1. Sorry for the lost bro,500 US Dollars is much. The rate at which fraud is going is just too much. We all should be vigilant and beware of scam

  2. Greed. Is that 500 US dollar not enough to buy himself a gift over there in US? Some people can be very stupid o.

  3. D person z just a dull head,hw can u fall a victim of such cheap trick.. what kind of gift do u expect 4rm olu jacob dat he has 2 ask u of $500 at d first place? mumu

  4. i tried to track that bastard down he is a hungry man scammer he has another fake profile of Desmond Elliot on facebook this is his number 09032532195

  5. he is a scammer this is his number 09032632195 he have another DESMOND ELLIOT fake facebook profile

  6. I received the same offer on Saturday and the guys are requesting $150 and they are purporting to be Bring COURRIER

  7. I’ve just received the same offer and that account is written as Olu Jacobs..they said I should send R800 and their agent will bring my things directly to my country coz I’m in South Africa in KwaZulu Natal

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