Seun Egbegbe: I Never Said Toyin Aimakhu Is A Sex Addict

toyin aimakhu is a sex addict

April 8, 2016 – Seun Egbegbe: I Never Said Toyin Aimakhu Is A Sex Addict

The story reported about the disrespectful statement Seun Egbegbe made about Toyin Aimakhu at Fathia Balogun’s brother’s wedding in Oyo has gone viral.

Trust Naija bloggers, they have adopted the story and have added maggi and pepper to it without crediting the original source.

To cut the long story short, Mr Egbege has distanced himself from what our whispering birds caught him saying.

what seun egbegbe said about toyin aimakhu in oyo

Hear what he told BON.

“I never said all this things and I have even sent an sms to Toyin telling her I didn’t say all that has been credited to me. I am not a coward,whatever I say I stand by it but on this please count me out.”

Oga millionaire, the next time you speak in public, be very careful because walls have ear.

16 thoughts on “Seun Egbegbe: I Never Said Toyin Aimakhu Is A Sex Addict

  1. He is not wise at all, you don’t need to tell a grown man to know what he ought to say and not say in public.
    If u didn’t say it they will not credit it to you.
    Learn from it and move on

  2. Because many people including me have tongue lashed him. He’s now denying what he said so that we would look or consider him a responsible man. You are still a kid even if you’re denying what you said about Toyin. Let Toyin be ok and mind your business.

    • I want to date Toyin. I over love the girl. I even want her as a sex addict, because I am addicted to sex. Both of us shall die upon ourselves while have serious marathon sex. Anything I see her my libido level is very high. Who can link me up to her.

  3. So his denying what he said….His such a coward. Oga Segun just shut your mouth and let toyin be

  4. He thought we were going to support him but got the opposite. Now, he claimed he didnt say what he said. Question, who then said it? Maybe I was the one, or maybe Metu, or Omokehinde, Danti or Jilo.
    Maybe NG heard him say it in the dream thinking it was in reality. Whatever, the fact is, somebody somewhere somehow said it, Gbam!

    My stroll-hunting continues…

  5. To me Mr Seun Egbegbe your a nuisance,you dont even a have life.Wht do you expect from the Legal husband of Toyin(Adeniyi)..The guy has keep silent since of this while your making noise around abt Toyin…Atleast there are llegally marry …But no one to blame but Toyin becos she choose money over Adeniyi,if not money who are you(Seun) to stand by (Adeniyi) by class….Anyway ladies Sha….UNa go learn from Toyin mistake.Always stand by husband and let-bygone be bygone and keep your home secret

  6. Hmmmm men when the going was sweet now it is soured. God have mercy on us and the people we called partiners

  7. seun egbegbe or what you call yourself if toyin naked to swear for you you will not survive it bcos you have tarnish her image.bcos when you are dating her nobody heard your voice but when the going is rough you are now saying all sort of rubbish about her, hmmm seun be very careful with women that come your way so that your days may be long. a word is enough for a wise

  8. just shut up and get a life already Seun… annoying local champion… empty barrel making too much noise…

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