Omotola Jalade & Husband Celebrate 17th Wedding Anniversary

omotola jalade 17th wedding anniversary

March 24, 2013 – Omotola Jalade Praises Husband On 17th Marriage Anniversary “You’re A Good Man”

….Omotola Jalade & Husband Celebrate 17th Wedding Anniversary

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade and her husband Capt. Matthew Ekeinde who got married on the 23rd of March 1996 celebrated their 17th marriage anniversary yesterday.

Yesterday also happened to be Omotola’s husband birthday.

Omosexy took to her Twitter page yesterday to reveal the real identity of the good man in her life in a form of tribute.

Read the touching tribute Omotola rendered to her ‘Honeyboy’ yesterday below:

Happy Birthday to my Honeyboy, Capt Matthew Ekeinde and happy Marriage anniversary to us. It’s 17 years already? God is good.
17 years ago, on your birthday we got married! Remember it like yesterday.

The best Husband, Best Father and My best friend. Life with U is fun!
Pls indulge me a few moments to appreciate this man “There are boys and there are Men”! Matthew Ekeinde you are a Good MAN.

I lost my father n as an Only daughter, I craved a strong man in my life.
U came, became a father, mentor, teacher, friend and trusted companion

We live life only Once! I could live mine twice just to say I say I lived it again with you great friend! I love you dearly and cherish your love.

We struggled through Nothing,days of very little 2gether, we believed.
A God fearing ma, u taught me d ways of the Lord, 2day am better for it.

omosexy husband captain matthew

Photo from Omosexy’s 16th wedding anniversary

OMG this is soooo sweet Omosexy….

This woman is really wise…

Here comes the secret of a happy and successful marriage.

After all the up and downs, they are still together and going strong..

Happy marriage anniversary to Omotola Jalade and Capt Matthew.

25 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade & Husband Celebrate 17th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Omotola can you now tell us your through AGE , is it possible for you to married at the age of 18 years.I’m now telling you that you are not honest,you are a big liarer , you are not 35 years old as claimed. Are you 45 years old?.Let every know and stop telling lie.

    • please dont call her a liar yet until u confirm her real age. To my little knowledge she got married at 18. Moreover what is ur prob with her age? will it increase ur bank account. y bother about things that will not add value to ur life or are inconsequential

  2. all those insider dt claim she beat her husband shld read this I dnt think she can write this if it is true, enemy of progress, anyway omosexy wish wish hapy wedding anniversary an wish to find my soul mate lik u did.

  3. wow go girl u are the best these is a true woman with diginity talking you are what i call a true actress u leave an examplary life as the way you act keep it up and God protect ur marriage

  4. Samson u get problem though nt yet detected abeg wetin be ur own about her age if I may ask,u want use am 4 ritual rite?busy body,u get sis wey fyn lik her?u can’t get even in d nxt 20th generation,callin her liar,but u na 420-1=419 abi?

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, OMOsexy and husband. am happy u two are still together after ups and down. may God grant u guys many many happy married life. i love u too. keep being a mentor to many of us.i admair ur marriage always.

  6. Hapi marriage anniversary actress. It is good dat u ar stil wit ur husband til nw becos almost all d actress wo ar married hav divorce. U acts wel keep it up.

  7. Some people are very stupid, what’s your problem with her age or with her family affairs? At least give her some kudos, she’s managing her reputation well in the public* she’s tried a lot. Its hard to manage marriage talk of combining it with public activities

  8. Their wedding was surely made in heaven. Two people who have managed to stick to the wedding vows that are so hard to maintain. May the good lord continue strengthening their marriage.

  9. omotola wats wit all the praises,who told u we give a flying fuck hw successful ur marriage is,who cares!
    if ur marriage has bin successful,u KIP it 2 ur self,nd stop making pple feel jealous here.mtchewwwww!!!

  10. I joing many Nigerians to congratulate you on ur wedding Anniversary pls keep it up we are priod of you and I use you as a point of contact our marriage will not collapes. Many more of it by god grace congratulations

  11. U cnt tell,dot trust her bcus she mayb wolf in sheep clothing. U dot xpect her 2 b rude or arrogant outside

  12. God continue to strenthen your marriage and dont listen to any body keep the fire burning i admire your marriage,is wow God be with you and your husband.

  13. Congratulations omotola. Its not easy combining social activities with your home. Yet your home and your marriage are still standing. Keep it up dear, God bless your marriage.

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