Onyii Alex, Nollywood Actress Who Hates Wearing Bra Called Out For Seducing Men

nollywood actress hates wearing bra

Fast rising Nollywood actress Onyii Alex has been called out by critics for her desperate attempt to lure innocent men to her nest due to her newly found dress sense of not wearing bra whenever she steps out.

The actress who rarely appears in movies seems to be making more money than her colleagues due to her lavish lifestyle and many wonder where she sourced her money from.

Her critics in Nollywood even accused her of going braless to events in order to expose herself to potential suitors.

At a point the actress abandoned public functions until recently when she resurfaced.

The issue many women have with her is the fact that she loves wearing outfit that give away her cleavage.

nollywood actress does not wear bra
nollywood actress never wears bra
nollywood doesn't wear bra

How can a woman step out without bra and feel comfortable???? Nollywood ladies na wa for una.

7 thoughts on “Onyii Alex, Nollywood Actress Who Hates Wearing Bra Called Out For Seducing Men

  1. Somebody that that was completely dark skinned when she started acting is now lighter than Oyibo . Stop bleaching girl!

  2. why will this make headlines..lets stop promoting indecency by boosting this low life agents who lacks morals.

  3. What is wrong with you people, don’t you think that you’ve gone too far with minding others business. She doesn’t like to wear bra that’s all, find something better to do.

  4. If she feels comfortable with that,let her be, flowers get expiration date…tomorrow you will start checking those without panties.

  5. a woman at 40s weather put to bed or not ger breast can not stand again unless plastic surgery does d magic,well done and continue small years remain u go clock 50years.

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