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How To Overcome Addiction On Your Own: Effective Solutions To Stopping Addition Without Professional Help

how to stop addiction on your own

How To Overcome Addiction On Your Own: Effective Solutions To Getting Over Your Addition Without Professional Help

Addictions are almost always detrimental to the proper function of man. The moment an individual is psychologically and emotionally attached to something, they tend to depend on that thing to the extent that they are useless without it. Addictions have more negative effect than positive ones. Addictions  are usually formed from mismanaged habits. Someone who lacks discipline and good moral conduct often finds himself being addicted to a thing or the other. He can get addicted to even the most trivial things he may not consider. From sex to drugs; parties to alcohol.

Most times,  addictions are the negative things that could mar our lives forever.Also, there are so many things addiction could do to you that are worse than what any other negative attitude could.  Psychologically, addicts get to a point where the only thing that could make them go on is the object of their obsession.

Other causes of addiction like preference for loneliness, depression e.t.c also exist on rare instances. Addiction is the consequence of depression and a result of having too much of a particular thing. In brief, too much of anything is detrimental to the proper function of the body.

Negative Effects of Addiction

Low Self Esteem

Addicts are known to have low self esteem. For people who are totally dependent on drugs to function properly, their level of confidence is often low and they tend to mostly have low perception of themselves.

Lack of Discipline

This is common to people who are addicts. They totally lack discipline as they tend to obey their longing for their addiction. Also, they have been enslaved by their guilty pleasure as they have built their life around it.


An addict is way closer to getting depressed than any other person. The fact that they will be unable to control their desire affects their psychology and depresses their mind. Therefore, depression is a possible consequence of addiction.

High Mortality

As you should know, too much of anything is not good for the proper function of man, thus, when man indulge in a particular thing too much, they tend to shorten their life in the process. Take drugs for instance, the misuse of drugs by an addict directly affect the vital organs in the body system making them vulnerable to external attack.


Addicts prefer their own company to a large crowd. They are often seen in secluded places and sometimes found to be anti-social. The only set of people that addicts prefers to be in company with are people who are also addicted like themselves. The preference of solitude is a leading attribute common to addicts.

Mood swings

Addiction causes hormonal imbalance. Addicts tend to have series of mood swings and down moments. They are not stable and can go off the edge at any time.  Addictions create a kind of routine for the hormone system that disturbs its natural function.


Addicts are often found to get infected with series of diseases. For sex addicts, HIV/AIDS is a possible infection they can contact while drug addicts are susceptible to different kinds of gastrointestinal diseases.


Addicts are known to be aggressive. This might arise when they cannot have access to what they crave for.

These are just the general effects; there are many other side effects of addiction not mentioned here because they are peculiar to a particular kind of addiction.

Steps To Get Over Your Addiction

Since it is a psychological problem, addiction is something you can overcome singlehandedly., except on some rare cases where it has gotten out of hand. On such cases, you might need to seek the help of professionals. But why let things get out of hand? Once you have realize that addiction is never good for your spiritual and physical life and you already know what addiction can do to your emotional and mental well-being, the next best thing to do is to find a solution to it.

Here are some workable solutions to overcome addiction.

  • Discipline

Discipline is the first principle toward achieving a balanced life. It is the lack of it that would make you to become an addict in the first place, as a person who is disciplined, you will not succumb to the temptation of your addiction. Therefore, you would need discipline to get over your addiction. With the right amount of discipline, you would be able to control your desires instead of it controlling you.

  • Commitment

You would need commitment to stay focused on your goal. For instance, you want to get over your chocolate addiction and you have disciplined yourself to eating only one chocolate in two days, there would be times when you would be tempted to break your discipline that’s when commitment comes in. You have to stay focused towards achieving your dream.

  • Determination.

It is usually hard to get over addictions. You would stumble so many times. There will be times when you feel you have it controlled already only to slide back to point zero. On such moments, you would be tempted to give up and just accept things as it is. That is when you need determination to never give up despite the failed attempts to get over your addiction. Because one day, with commitment, discipline and determination, you would get over it.

  • Analyze your triggers.

In so many cases, addiction is a response to some challenges. For example, people often use alcohol as an escape from their problems, not knowing that instead of providing a lasting solution to the problem, it will escalate it. Like that, people get addicted to their object of escape. In other cases, drugs are used as a form of stimulants, depressants or analgesics to alter the normal function of the mind. People like that often get addicted because as they build the habit, addiction also comes in. Thus, it is important that you point out your triggers and struck your addiction right from there. If there is any situation you are going through, you should face the problem and solve it instead of indulging in drugs and alcohols that could make you addicted.

  • Go steady

You cannot overcome an addiction in a day, so do not rise your hope too high. It is a work that could span weeks and months. You need to go slow but steady to ensure complete abstinence. Do not rush things; your addiction does not grow in a day. It is the sum of so many days of constant repetition of the things you indulge. Therefore, to get over that, you need to go steady and take it day by day.

  • Positive environment

The kind of environment you find yourself determines how fast you will be able to overcome your addiction. For a person who is a drug addict, being in a place where drug is easily accessible will further promote their addiction problem. The kind of environment you live in shouldn’t be the one that will increase your addiction. Look for a place that it will be very difficult for you before you could find a means to indulge your addiction.

  • The peers

Most of the times, being in the company of people with the same habit will further digress your progress at overcoming the habit. Because their company will frustrate your effort and you will easily lose the resolve to combat the habit while you are with them.

  • Be Busy

Idleness gives you enough time to indulge your addiction. Find something positive to occupy your time and develop yourself. When you are busy, you will not have enough time for your addiction and at the same time, you will be developing yourself.

  • Professional help

Getting over addiction personally can be quite hectic. You will have a series of failed attempts and you would be pushed to consider giving up so many times. In such cases, you might need the help of a professional. Do not be ashamed to open up about your problem. It is in their professional capacity to help you out and also be discreet about your challenges. Therefore, approaching them is the wise option.

Addiction, as I said earlier can only drag you down. And it will be in your personal interest to ensure otherwise. I am very confident that if the provided solutions are followed faithfully, you will not have any problem whatsoever with the issue of addiction. We all want control of our normal lives which addiction seem to have already taken from us, to gain back this control and confidence, we need to take every step available to overcome such addictions.

For the person who is not yet addicted however, you must bear in mind all the time that you must not depend too much on a particular thing. Learn how to ignore your cravings and remain disciplined all the time. It is better to avoid addiction than attempting to stop it.

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