P-Square Beautiful Onyinye Remix Video Ft Rick Ross

psquare beautiful onyinye video remix rick rossP square & Rick Ross

June 12, 2012 – P-Square Beautiful Onyinye Remix Video Ft Rick Ross

Here is the long awaited video remix of the Beautiful Onyinye Love Song by P Square featuring American Rapper Rick Ross. naijagists.com

According to fans, this music is the bomb right now.

Watch the video below

P Square Beautiful Onyinye Video Ft Rick Ross


18 thoughts on “P-Square Beautiful Onyinye Remix Video Ft Rick Ross

  1. Dis is d exact bold step of d illuminati,pquare iz 1 already…its dier strategy…God punish em all

  2. @ soft boss,sunday,onajomo joshua why is dat u people can’t appreciate good things.Why Nigerians are so myopic?if u are rich they will say u ve join occult then if u are poor,they will also say u are a witch or wizard.which way my people.Please let us always commend hard work and good work when we see one.1luv.

  3. These guys are good.One thing about them is dat their music is unique.they are not copy-cats.well done guys.Pls continue to give us quality and good music.

  4. 10x 2 Angel 4 reminding those big heads how myopic they cn be. Must we nigerians always criticise hard work wn we find it difficult to try. Plz let try and encourage any body we really nw dat deserve to b encouraged. P.square has b33n the bomb. They will alwayz mk us proud.

  5. D music try bt all na wash,time shall tell.RUBISH,BEING SOUL-LESS eyah dier’s nafing as bad as dat

  6. Wow i can say that i am just speechless but this is the video i have like in my whole life. this video lit my heart amd i love you the P Square and i love all your music, what such a talent that you have got. thank you. we love you

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