“P-Square Split Caused By Late Mother & Money..Lola Omotayo Sees Peter Okoye’s Family As Enemy” – Insider


psquare split late mother

April 20, 2014 – “P-Square Split Started By Late Mum & Money..Lola Omotayo Sees Peter Okoye’s Family As Enemy” – Insider

Since PSquare split is the latest story in town, make I gist you small on what actually happened on the day Paul and Peter Okoye fought each other.

According to a reliable insider, P-Square twins didn’t start the physical fight intentionally, the whole thing started with Jude Okoye’s Personal Assistant, Wande and Peter Okoye’s PA, Shege.

Wande reportedly gave Shege some money to register Jude Okoye’s new car but he spent the money on something else, when Jude’s PA found out that Shege used the money on something else, he reportedly stormed Squareville mansion in anger on Wednesday and after a serious argument, a bloody fight started between the two PAs.

The fight reportedly angered Peter Okoye and when he was about to hit Jude Okoye’s PA with a pen, his brother, Paul held his hand to stop him.

In that angry mood, Peter Okoye allegedly swung his free hand and landed Paul a big blow that left him unconscious for a while.

My source said Paul didn’t fight Peter back rather their elder brother, Tony allegedly punched Peter and started beating him. The whole thing was witnessed by Paul Okoye’s wife, Anita.

Another issue causing trouble in P-Square camp is the issue of money, Peter Okoye wanted to be in charge of their money but Jude Okoye on the other hand gave him a big resistance.

My source also told me that the lawyer that was brought in to split their properties left in anger due to the tension in the family.

Insiders allegedly that their late mother, Mrs Josephine Okoye said he saw them splitting months before her death.

Psquare’s mum told her sons that she sees them splitting if Peter weds Lola because she reportedly saw in a dream where Peter was pursuing Paul with a fork to kill him.

Due to the trouble that started with their late mum, Lola Omotayo (Peter’s wife) never visits P-Square’s mansion because she allegedly sees the family members as enemies, unlike Anita who freely visits regularly.

In conclusion, my source said they are already working with some elders in the Okoyes family to resolve their differences knowing fully well that without unity, P-Square can’t function.

Na waoo my people things dey happen o.