Paris France ISIS Terror Attack Death Toll @ 160: Gunmen Kill 118 Hostages As Police Invade Theater


paris terror attack

Nov 14, 2015 – Paris France ISIS Terror Attack Death Toll Hits 160: Gunmen Kill 118 Hostages As Police Invade Theater

….Police Kill 3 ISIS Gunmen

In a sad end to a long hostage case, ISIS gunmen have killed over 118 movie watchers at the Bataclan theater in Paris France.

The seemingly coordinated terror attacks took place in 3 locations which included a cafe,stadium and a movie theater.

In an apparent suicide bombing, some suspected ISIS militants carrying Kalashnikov rifles interrupted a soccer game, sending the crowd pouring onto the pitch.

isis gunmen kill movie watchers

Around 6:30pm, police interrupted another set of ISIS terrorists taking over 500 people hostage in a theater, a move that forced the terrorists to execute 118 people as police watch in horror.

Police officials were forced to open fire on the gunmen, killing 3 in the process.

As at the time of this report, the death toll of the attack is close to 160.

May the soul of the victims rest in peace.