Passenger Kills Motorcycle Rider In Enugu Over 50 Naira

passenger kills motorcyclist enugu

Feb 14, 2017 – Passenger Kills Okada Man In Enugu Over 50 Naira

A man identified as Michael Gabriel has been arrested for allegedly clubbing a motorcycle rider to death.

On Thursday the 2nd of February 2017, the deceased, 40-year-old Sunday Eze was taking his passenger to his home in Igboeze North LGA of the state around 9pm when he told him he will have to pay extra 50 naira because his house is far.

Out of anger, the suspect allegedly used an iron rod to hit him on the head while he was driving causing the motorcyclist to slump. He was rushed to an hospital in the area where doctors confirmed him dead.

The suspect has been arrested.

3 thoughts on “Passenger Kills Motorcycle Rider In Enugu Over 50 Naira

  1. KILLED A WHOLE man just because of #50? This is absord. May I never die a cheap and shameful death like this. (Amen).

    This prayer is also extended to all my Christian brethren on this site.

    I take a stroll…

  2. What a tragedy, everybody in Nigeria is angry. Nigeria was striving on corruption before Buhari came in to clean things up. This is why people are finding it difficult to adjust. If the successive government have taken care of the rot in the country things would not have been like this. It is a pity that this okada rider lost his life but justice must be meted out to his killer. He is not the only person suffering in this country. He should be angry at the politicians who are bankrupting Nigeria. Useless man.

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