Pastor & 3 Others Arrested For Snatching Toyota Sienna Mini Van In Nasarawa

pastor arrested snatching car nasarawa

September 16, 2016 – Pastor & 3 Others Arrested For Snatching Sienna Space Bus In Nasarawa

A pastor from Ebonyi state was among the 4 men arrested for snatching a Sienna Space Bus in Nasarawa state earlier this week.

Pastor Stephen Odoh reportedly joined Steve Chima, Isaac Fasse and another suspect to rob one Mrs Ogunyemi Obiageli of her minivan with registration # RSH 648 RB in Karu LGA of the state on Tuesday.

The car snatchers were among the 38 criminals paraded in Nasarawa state yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Pastor & 3 Others Arrested For Snatching Toyota Sienna Mini Van In Nasarawa

  1. They report has it that it was a pastor and 3 other persons that committed the crime but I can see 9 persons here. So how true is this story?

    I am fed up with all these cases about how a pastor did this or that. Even somebody that‘s just a Church goer they will just label him “A pastor“

    Here we were not even told the Church over which the so called pastor heads. How are we sure that some of this allegations are not just orchestrated to drag the name of Christian in the mud?

    I take a stroll…

  2. @D_HUNTER i guess the above picture is a section of the paraded criminals

    Everyone is free to add any title to his name either you call yourself a pastor or an Alfa.. but the truth remains that God knows those that are serving him for real.
    Let this man rot in jail for all i care.

    #clueless human

  3. Very soon they will ask for phone to take selfie of their shameless faces! Shameless lazy bones! Mchweeeew !!!

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