Photos: Mother Of 3 Dumps Day-Old Baby Girl By Roadside In Ojo Lagos, Blames Recession For Action

woman dumps baby girl ojo lagos

September 16, 2016 – Pictures: Woman Abandons Newborn Baby Girl By Roadside In Ojo Lagos, Blames Recession For Action

Miss Ifunaya Eme, a 31-year-old single mother of three has been arrested for allegedly abandoning her day-old baby on the roadside after delivery.

The suspect told police she abandoned the baby girl because her father rejected  her when she was pregnant.

She said she had 3 children for her first husband but left them with her sister in Enugu and relocated to Lagos for a better life.

Ifunaya Eme

Eme gave birth to the baby girl around 1am on Monday and dumped her by the house gate before heading to bed.

Area residents of Prince Bello street in Ajangbadi area of Ojo Lagos informed the police about the incident.

The baby girl is currently in intensive care while her mother laments in police detention.

The now mother of four reportedly blamed the current economic recession for her wicked act.

16 thoughts on “Photos: Mother Of 3 Dumps Day-Old Baby Girl By Roadside In Ojo Lagos, Blames Recession For Action

  1. very foolish, dont you know you will take care of the baby as you dey open leg like a dog for different men, as old as you are

  2. why won’t your father disown you, who are you making the children for when you are not married. You don’t have a husband, if you must follow men can’t you protect yourself. You are big big fool, please don’t blame any economy.

    You even forgot the pains you pass through when you were pregnant, you went and dump a day old baby, my sister God will not forgive you except you repent.

  3. Yehyey fine girl wey de open leg for men, you no know say you go take care of yourself by protecting yourself from getting pregnant, you born throw way no be life oh.

  4. By their face we shall no them. You knew you weren’t ready for this and you conceived, and to now worsen the situation you abandoned the baby, you never even gave it a second thought that kidnappers can use her for demonic purpose. Madam to bad! You are simply wicked!

  5. The man who‘s even responsible for the pregnncy leading to this ugly event should not be left out of the hook too.

    Still strolling…

  6. Don’t blame recession, blame yourself. You left your three children in Enugu with your sister and relocated to Lagos for a better life. That alone should have made you use caution while opening your legs for every man that comes around. Don’t you know about birth control? have you not heard of condom? It is true times are hard but you should have used some common sense.

  7. she is apparently a dog who is clueless about what to do in life..
    LET IMAGINE that the three children you left in Enugu was a mistake from your past you’ve taken a bold step by coming to Lagos to start a new life… but on getting to Lagos what was your target? ‘getting pregnant again’…
    You are the architect of your own misfortune don’t blame it on anybody.

    #clueless human

  8. Abeg no blame recession u left three children with ur sister come hustle for lagos u still come lagos open legs for man abeg talk another tins jare u come lagos u still no wise u no fit wise again

  9. That’s just been lazy and stupid; don’t want to do anything for life, but to jump from one man to another. End up putting blame on something ease. Stupid girl

  10. So this once bitten, twice shy is not in everyone’s dictionary?
    I don’t blame you,I blame your sister that took the 3 kids from you & gave you the liberty to hug dick.
    You’re not ashamed of yourself that at 31 you’re still this super stupid, even your baby’s daddy rejected you.
    If you can’t take care of kids, stop making more & go for family planning !
    Hey you girl, AIDS IS REAL !
    Thank God the baby didn’t die.
    She should not be allowed close to the baby again.

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