Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Insists Masturbation Is Not A Sin


Pastor Chris comment on  Masturbation

March 14, 2012 – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Insists Masturbation Is Not A Sin

The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was recently heard in a telecast saying masturbation is not a sin against God. (Watch the previous telecast here)

To further worsen the matter, he has released a new video defending his last comment stating Masturbation is indeed not a sin. Watch the video below

Masturbation is Not A Sin Video By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Without disrespect and contrary to popular opinions, we at believe Masturbation is indeed a sinful act.

Men of God needs to be very careful so as not to pollute the mind of new believers.

Imagine a new convert hearing this from a man he looks up to as a spiritual father.

Pastor Chris is indirectly promoting masturbation which is kind of contrary to the teaching of the bible.

There is no way a man / woman will masturbate without thinking dirty (haba)

Guys please beware! masturbation is a sinful act. Do not allow the devil to corrupt your mind.

The bible says we are not ignorant of his devices lest he take advantage of us

 What The Bible Says About Masturbation

Well if you’re still unsure, read this informational article on what the bible says about masturbation