Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s Wife Ifeanyi’s Tribute Letter To Him “I Love You Deeply, I Love You Forever”

pastor paul adefarasin wife ifeanyi

Feb 5, 2013 – Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s Wife Ifeanyi’s Tribute Letter To Him “I Love You Deeply, I Love You Forever”

The wife of Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the rock, Pastor Mrs Ifeanyi Adefarasin recently shares an emotional tribute letter to honour her husband for his 50th birthday anniversary that took place in Lagos few weeks ago .

In the tribute letter, here is what Ifeanyi wrote to her hubby:

My dearest Adeolu (Paul),

It has taken some time for me to distill my thoughts and pen my tribute to Pastor Paul Adefarasin – the man I know. Though words are insufficient to capture the breadth of my thoughts, I’ll try to give you the essence as I write about someone who is many things to me; as my best friend, my big brother, my boyfriend, my lover, my mentor, my coach, my greatest encourager, my husband, my pastor, my boss, my everything…after my Saviour Jesus Christ.

Where do I begin? I can barely recall my life without you, as for a greater part of my adult life, you have been such a strong and positive influence, instructing, directing, moulding and shaping me into the woman I am evolving into.

From our very first encounter, your passion for the things of God endeared you to me. In today’s parlance, ‘what’s not to like?’ – listening to a tall and handsome, cultured and eloquent, courteous, six foot three inches hunk of a man with an inimitable baritone, small wonder I am married to you today.

Over the years, I’ve watched you evolve from a husband to a father, from a pastor to an apostle, from giving pastoral care to parishioners to counseling kings, from penning sermon notes to becoming an author, from gathering a handful for fellowship, to erecting a worthy cathedral for thousands to worship and commune with the Lord. You are really a multifaceted man.

Your commitment to the family and the sacrifices you make to ensure that you spend time with the children and I, regardless of cost or personal inconvenience challenges me to do the same. The perception with which you correct and direct us all inspires me, while the patience with which you bring understanding to difficult matters is worthy of emulation. During the course of 18 years together, not once have I had cause to fault your leadership and direction over the family as a prophet, priest, and provider. Again and again,

I have learnt from your actions that being there when it really matters is not an option, it’s essential. The ways in which you express love to us all, elicits our love to you.

You are indeed a terrific husband. I thank God for the desire you had almost two decades ago to spend your life with me. I recall with a warm heart, you writing in the sand, ‘will you marry me?’ as we walked the Lighthouse Beach. I pray our marriage will be engraved in the indelible ‘sands of time’ as we together fulfill purpose.

Thank you for being the loving, caring person you are. Thank you for being the selfless person you are. Thank you for being the trail blazer you are. Thank you for how you relate with the youths, including our ‘first generation’ children. Thank you for being the great husband and father you are.

As you celebrate this milestone birthday, I pray God’s very best for you as you embark on yet another season of fulfilling God’s mandate to the nation.

I love you deeply

Love you forever

Ifeanyi Adeife

Eyah my head dey swell….. I wan cry……..

Hmmm see love at work.

An obvious confirmation of Proverbs 18:22: “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”

13 thoughts on “Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s Wife Ifeanyi’s Tribute Letter To Him “I Love You Deeply, I Love You Forever”

  1. Ooooo my God,am short of word. This woman is just too good to be a wife. Pastor i dey jealous you oo! Well,congratulation,man of God,wishing you many happy returns

  2. What a lovely woman for a man to have as a wife. They say what a man ask thats what he gets. I pray to God every day to give a wife like this.

  3. I love their Love!!! Men and women, take notes…now that’s what I call a happy couple…once a woman is happy, she will worship her other half, I just love it…

  4. Waooooh! what can I say… My heart is filled with joy to see that reporters still have something positive to write about men of God. I join the group of many others that pray that God’s anointing should increase in your family, your children shall be called excellents, May the Almighty continue to uphold you in rightousness and holiness till we meet Him in heaven,

  5. I love this. A woman like this will make you soar. God bless me with a woman that is good and perfect. God bless their union, more.

  6. Hmm what awonderful couple,she dearly loves the husband i pray tha the love grows more strongooooooh abeg.!

  7. Well I want to say a big Weldone to the wife, because I must tell u pple before she cld pen down her haert a lot has happened in her home that she has endured, enjoyed, and managed till now! Let everywoman learn this atiTtude so that we can take our husbands to places where he himself has never thought wld get there! Congrat Past PAUL and d DIAMOND wife! I pray God keep u longer, and help u reach HEAVEN at d end of ur journey ! Amen!

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