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How Patience Jonathan Allegedly Used 3 Shell Firms To Launder Money, Buy Land & Properties

patience jonathan money laundering

September 13, 2017 – How Patient Jonathan Allegedly Used 3 Shell Firms To Launder Money, Buy Land & Properties

2 more assets have been traced to former First Lady Patience Jonathan, who is being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged money laundering.

The latest development has brought the number of Mrs. Jonathan’s assets under investigation to 15.

But the list does not include the six choice plots traced to her in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), it was learnt yesterday.

The commission said it suspected the assets were allegedly bought through three firms – Ariwabai Aurera Reachout Foundation; Finchley Top Homes Limited; and AM-PM Network Limited.

The EFCC has initiated moves to seize the assets, which are in Abuja.

Besides the three firms, the roles played by seven banks in acquiring the assets are also being investigated.

A Special Task Force is probing the relationship between the three firms and the former First Lady.

Specifically, detectives are probing how Mrs. Jonathan allegedly used the proxy firms to secure six choice plots in the Central Business District(CBD), Abuja, Wasa District, Idogwari District, Karsana and Mabushi in the FCT.

The plots are:

1758, Cadastral zone B06, Mabushi, which was allocated to Ariwabai Aurera Reachout Foundation in 2010;

96, Cadastral Zone D05, Karsana, allocated to AM-PM Global Network Limited vide a letter of intent dated 31/05/2012;
7109, Cadastral Zone E10, Wasa District, allocated to AM-PM Global Network Limited vide a letter of intent dated 27/03/2013;
30, Cadasrtal Zone D03, Idogwari District (AM-PM Global Network Limited vide a letter of intent dated 23/10/2014);
1758, Cadastral zone B06, Mabushi (Ariwabai Aurera Reachout Foundation vide a Right of Occupancy in 2010); and
1350 Cadastral Zone A00, Central Business District, which was allocated to Ariwabai Aurera Reach Out Foundation in 2010. The and Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) issued in 2011.
A source said: “A Special Task Force is looking into how Mrs. Jonathan allegedly laundered huge sums of money into the accounts of three companies. These shell firms were in turn used to acquire some plots of land and properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.

“We have already written to the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) and seven banks linked with the plots of land and the two properties.

“Apart from the statements of account of the three companies., our team is in touch with Abuja Geographical Information Service(AGIS) for information about some properties linked to the affected firms.”

The source spoke of how the investigators found that two properties were already being developed, allegedly by the former First Lady on Plot No. 1758 Cadastral zone B06 Mabushi and Plot No. 1350 Cadastral zone A00 Central Business District

“We discovered that on Plot No. 1758 Cadastral zone B06 Mabushi, which was allocated to Ariwabai Aurera Reachout Foundation in 2010 and C of O issued in 2011, eight mighty buildings are being built. Most people believe it is proposed to be a hotel.

“Also, Plot No. 1350, Cadastral Zone A00 in Central Business District, currently bears an eight-storey building still under construction. The plot was allocated to Ariwabai Aurera Reachout Foundation in 2010 and C of O issued in 2011.

“Inference may be drawn from the above, considering the fact that the suspect’s last known official position was Permanent Secretary in the Bayelsa State Government.

Hence, there is no way such magnificent architectural edifices could have been built within a short space of time as it is the case with the properties in question.”

The EFCC believes that there is high probability that the property could have been built with proceeds of crime.

“It is evidently clear that it is a case of money laundering but there is need to do more to prove the predicate of the offence,” the source said, pleading not to be named so as not to jeopardise the investigation.

The agency is awaiting responses from banks, CAC and AGIS.

Besides, it is making efforts to get information about Finchley Homes Limited, its directors and all properties with bank accounts linked to them.

The source confirmed that the EFCC might “request for the interim forfeiture of the two properties.

“This is particularly very important because attempt to mark the properties, by operatives, was resisted and even the portion that was successfully marked was later cleared by agents of the suspect,” the source said.

With the latest bend of investigation, 15 properties and six plots of land have so far been traced to the former First Lady in Port Harcourt, Yenagoa and Abuja.

Besides the two properties in Abuja, 13 others were previously linked with the ex-First Lady.

The assets in Port Harcourt are former Customs Service officers mess; two duplexes at 2/3 Bauchi Street; landed property with blocks at Ambowei Street; three Luxury apartments of four-bedroom each at Ambowei Street; and Grand View Hotel along airport road.

The rest suspected assets in Yenagoa include two marble duplexes at Otioko GRA by Isaac Boro Expressway; Glass House on Sani Abacha Expressway, which is housing Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board; Akemfa Etie Plaza by AP filling Station, Melford Okilo Road; and Aridolf Resort, Wellness and Spa along Sani Abacha Expressway.

[By The Nation]



  1. Chioma.

    September 13, 2017 at 1:49 AM

    Oh my God, this people dealt with this country, and yet some stupid people want blame buhari for our economic woes. There is Godoooo.

  2. Mon

    September 13, 2017 at 5:03 AM

    If all the allegations are true, my question is, what will be the happiness of this woman heaping what her next generation will not finish while watching millions languishing in poverty? I don’t just understand the type of human beings calling themselves leaders we have in Nigeria, what type of wickedness is this?, cos this is more than greed.

    In my second thought, the so called leaders we have in Nigeria are already in agony and that’s why they are extending it to everyone,cos if they are indeed happy as we assumed with all these ill gotten wealth, then it will definitely be radiating…they are all in pain. My only anger is the one they invest in abroad,cos the ones in Nigeria will never be a waste,the meek shall inherit them

    • DB

      September 13, 2017 at 1:50 PM

      Her happiness and their happiness is to widen the gap between the rich and d poor so much that they will have an army of poor people at their call and beckone who will be seeing them as their messiah. Its typical of Africans. Which African country doesnt have such?
      Something is fundamentally wrong with this continent, because they drop all their madness on the continent when they travel out and pick it up again when they return home.

  3. Elvis

    September 13, 2017 at 9:06 AM

    EFCC should charge her to court if they have any case against her or otherwise shut-up please.

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