Patience Ozokwor Mama G: I’m Under Spiritual Attack From The Kingdom Of Darkness

patience ozokwor mama g spiritual attack

August 31, 2016 – Nollywood Actress Mama G In Ghana For Evangelism

Patience Ozokwor Mama G: I’m Under Spiritual Attack From The Kingdom Of Darkness, The Devil Is Trying To Stop Me From Preaching The Gospel

Nollywood actress Mama G is currently ministering the gospel of salvation in Ghana.

In an exclusive chat with journalists in Kumasi Ghana yesterday, Patience Ozokwor said the devil is fighting hard to prevent her from furthering the works of the Lord.

She said she initially found her calling funny because she was busy gathering wealth through acting and various “worldly” endorsement deals but as time goes on, it became obvious she was heading for destruction.

The actress added that the sole reason for her existence now is winning souls for Christ.

Hear her words in the video below…

The actress said her swollen left finger is a spiritual attack aimed at stopping her from doing the work of God.

13 thoughts on “Patience Ozokwor Mama G: I’m Under Spiritual Attack From The Kingdom Of Darkness

  1. Glory be to God. Power of God almighty is with you and please help the less privileged with some of those wealth you have gathered. God bless you mama!

  2. Say what ! Sure it’s not a movie ? Mama G? God i thank you oh.lemme go back to the video again to see where the director is hiding.

    I can’t find him oh, this is really happening. God pls come and do same to me.I lift up my hands in praises to you , my God. You’re a miracle worker.thank you God.

  3. I THINK I need to hear this woman preach. Everything about her new life looks genuine to me. There is a clear-cut line between the old and the new, unlike that of some people (Eucharia Anunobi on my mind).

      • @KEEPING IT REAL, BELIEVE me, if Eucharia should come now to preach to you, you would not hear anything because many things would distract your attention. There is nothing wrong in make-ups. But a minister of God should know what to do away with. “All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up.(1 Corinthians 10:23)

  4. Point the swollen left finger in any direction and with faith return the attack to sender. It is well with you IJN !!!

  5. eucharia dan change but she still dey paint face lol… thank God for you ma. God will continue to strengthen you.

  6. The lord call to do he will never let u down, because he said on word, he who dwell in house of the lord, shall be cover by feather, I see the hand of upon you, so carry go with gospel like a falling triller car

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