Peter Okoye Leaves Psquare As Elder Brother Jude Okoye Threatens To Kill Him & Wife Lola Omotayo

peter okoye leaves psquare

September 25, 2017 – Psquare Fight Turns Bloody As Brothers Threaten To Kill Each Other; Peter Hires Lawyer To Terminate Contract

Peter Okoye Quits PSquare,  Hires Lawyer To Terminate PSquare Contract As Elder Brother Jude Okoye Threatens To Kill Him & His Wife

The messy fight between PSquare star boy Peter Okoye and his twin brother Paul is getting messier each passing day.

The father of two has finally hired Human Rights Lawyer, Festus Keyamo to cancel his legal contract with PSquare as he chose to stay solo because of threat to his life and that of his wife and children.

A source told Linda Ikeji that Peter accused Paul of telling lies against his wife and children on the social media. He alleged that his wife and kids have started receiving death threats messages on the social media.

Peter Okoye also accused his elder brother Jude Okoye of threatening to eliminate him and his wife Lola Omotayo.

At a point, Jude allegedly told him he will bring a coffin for him if he ever comes near his house.

Peter who is doing well as he stays solo said he is done with all the family drama that has tarnished the image of their group.

peter okoye quits psquare

PSquare problem was centered around Peter Okoye undying love for Lola.

He became a subject of hatred after all attempts by his brothers to separate him and his “Yoruba” wife failed.

An insider told last year that bitterness, tribalism and hatred is the root cause of their fight.

jude okoye threatened to kill peter okoye lolaPaul, Jude & Peter

At a point, they allegedly accused Lola Omotayo of using love portion charm on Peter due to their wide age difference. Lola is over 37 while Peter just turned 35.

6 thoughts on “Peter Okoye Leaves Psquare As Elder Brother Jude Okoye Threatens To Kill Him & Wife Lola Omotayo

  1. She looks so beautiful and genuine to me but what I don’t understand is which one JUDE pass?
    HE NO SABI SING & HE NO SABI DANCE!!! Just standing in the middle showing swagges.
    What does he do for a living by the way?

  2. jude and paul kindly move back to any ibo land,pack your loads with your tribe wifey back to ur zone lagos is yoruba land,may God give u Biafra country.

  3. These useless Jude and Paul Okoye are Hippocrates, you dont want your brother to marry a Yoruba woman and you want the “Yorubas” to buy your music. God punish two of you, that is why your music is no more selling. Because if you don’t forgive your fellow humanbeign you too will not be forgiven and you will not move forward in life. Your bitterness will block your ways.

  4. I am sorry to say, but Jude’s actions and words are the hall of your typical area boy who fights for what is not his because he can fight. Jude should promote other artists if he, truly, is talented Leave Peter alone! I knew the resentment would never go from when he went to the wedding of one twin and did not go to that of the other. He created the division.
    The twins should separate already, I beg. If D, Banj and Don Jazzy could separate or Beyonce could and her father could disentangle, in spite of the filial and business relationship, so can Psquare.
    No jokes, Jude can kill Lola:he is the epitome of tribalism and we are watching him and Paul.

  5. Paul and their eldest brother Jude should have a rethink and know that one can find love and happiness anywhere. Peter is very happy with his Yoruba wife irrespective of their age difference. They should know that age is just a number. That Lola is over 37 and Peter just turned 35 is not much a difference. Both of them knew this and courted for sometime before getting married. If their anger is tribe, that is the most foolish and the most inconceivable reason to be against Peter and Lola. I know so many Ibos married to Yoruba men and women and they are very happy with each other like Peter and Lola so what is the concern of Jude and Paul? Getting married to some one from your tribe does not guarantee happiness and in most cases it is even very dangerous. I am talking from what I have seen. They should face their own families and leave Peter and Lola alone.

  6. that is if it is true that it is because of the wife he married. we are just reading from the social media, non of us know the truth behind their quarrel, because the wife is not disturbing them, so i can see her being the problem here.

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