Photo: 2 Ritualists Arrested With 3 Crushed Human Heads Concealed Inside Bread In Ipaja Lagos

ritualists arrested crushed human heads ipaja lagos

Oct 10, 2016 – Picture Of 2 Ritualists Arrested With 3 Crushed Human Heads Concealed Inside Bread In Ipaja Lagos

Two suspected ritual killers were caught on Saturday night in Ipaja Lagos.

The suspects identified as 32-year-old Yemi John and 24-year-old Jamiu Alabi were caught at Church Bus Stop in Ipaja with three crushed human heads bearing inscriptions of names and amount.

One of the heads had Danjumo N20000 written on it while the two others had Alhaji Mumuni N10,000 and Yusuf N70,000.

The suspects will be paraded today.

19 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Ritualists Arrested With 3 Crushed Human Heads Concealed Inside Bread In Ipaja Lagos

  1. look at their face ,u see wicked heart,their face is not gud to live with other human being.
    why they dont give their own ugly wicked head for Ritualist,why innocent human Being.everyday head to make money here and their, for 20k, 10, 70k God have mercy. if this world end am sure it will start from naija, cos all bad things their are nr.1

  2. This world is completely done wickedness and evils everywhere. They even have price tags on each head. Lord have mercy!

    Lets see how this case goes and why Yusuf’s head is more expensive than the other two.

  3. Alhaji Mumuni, Alhaji Yusuf and Alhaji Danjuma are all politicians presently elected as candidates to both upper and lower house. These people probably elected to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians yet they are the ones sending these impoverished boys on deadly mission. When are we going to bring sanity to this nation? Just thinking.

    • My Brother you have a point here. Allah should be removed from those names hence it is an adjective that represents God in Hausa language. They should be left with only ji which is Yam in Igbo as they are to be planted as yam soon.

  4. Wait oh…human being head is worth just…20k,10k &70k…Jesus…how much be cow or ram….no no no they there not blame diz on poverty or hunger…God punish una 1000x…..useless idiot…very callous…

  5. if the guys are to be igbos, it will be another story, like, wicked and cursed generation, they love money so much, the commentators will generalize all the ibo tribe to be bad egg,now that it involves the tribe that likes to critise the igbos, the comments have changed. Lets be wise when we comment.

  6. Good point. we call names a lot and forget the substance. this issue of ritual killing in unbecoming in this part on the country. the people involved here are from homes where people don’t care about how there brothers and sisters make the cash rather all that they care about is, ‘owambe’

  7. This story is real. I was around the area last night. People confirmed that they were paraded by the Police. That was a very good one by the Police. If you see the woman by the road side b/w Church bus stop and Oja bus stop at Ipaja where she used to sale minor things you will pity for her and not knowing that she holds from the devil himself.

  8. there’s a question I would love to ask the ritualist , and those people involving in ritual to make money , ” will they be as Rich as bill gate or alinko dangote after all these ritual stuff ”

    despite all the heads and other parts of the body they might be selling , no sign of true riches or wealths in their life, so what’s the point

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