Photo: 3 Kidnappers Arrested In Kogi As Police Rescue 4 Kidnapped Victims

3 kidnappers arrested in kogi state

July 16, 2016 – Picture: 3 Kidnappers Arrested In Kogi As Police Rescue 4 Kidnapped Victims

The officials of Kogi State Police command have rescued 4 kidnapped victims at different locations in the state.

3 members of the notorious kidnap gang who operated in cities across Kogi and neighbouring states were trailed and arrested at their hideout close to Egume and Anyimgba towns in Kogi.

The leader of the kidnap gang dressed in grey t-shirt above identified as Ibrahim Nasarawa and 3 others suspects are currently in police detention.

The other arrested suspects are 21-year-old Michael Sule, 26-year-old Awodi Ezekiel, 32-year-old Ojonimi Negedu.

The rescued victims who sustained various degrees of injuries in the hands of their abductors are now receiving treatment in the hospital.

9 thoughts on “Photo: 3 Kidnappers Arrested In Kogi As Police Rescue 4 Kidnapped Victims

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