Photo: 3 Police Officers Suspended For Stripping 15 Year Old Girl In Ebonyi State

police officer strip girl abakaliki

August 11, 2016 – Picture: 3 Police Officers Suspended For Stripping & Beating 15 Year Old Girl In Ebonyi State

On Wednesday, Ebonyi State Police Command began an orderly room trial of three of its men indicted in the stripping and battering of a 15-yearold girl, Uzoamaka Chukwu, at Umunaga Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area. Uzoamaka was allegedly stripped naked and battered with cables and canes by some persons in the area with the picture and video posted on the social media.

Briefing journalists in Abakaliki on the matter and the breakthrough recorded by the police, the Commissioner of Police, Ibekwe Abdallah, said after the orderly room trial, the three policemen would be prosecuted.

10 thoughts on “Photo: 3 Police Officers Suspended For Stripping 15 Year Old Girl In Ebonyi State

  1. If found guilty, they should be dishonourably dismissed from service and driven straight to jail. Highly irresponsible men in the police. I hope that their misconduct stopped at stripping and beating; I hope they did not take it further.

  2. After this magnitude of assault and battery on her, they POST her picture on social media? Salt added to injury!!! Police Establishment is on the right path addressing the issue. Please do the right thing to ensure justice is done, and whatever the outcome of the Orderly Room Trial, Prosecute them!!!

  3. they better be prosecuted… what an inhuman behavior people who are supposed to be protecting the people are now the major culprit.

  4. What did they say was the girl‘s offence? Or did they just take pleasure in molesting the girl just like that?

    I take a stroll…

  5. U can imagine, what offence could she av commited that will warrant dis level of abuse and injustice to a child of 15yrs. She is still a child for christ sake, are dis people insane or somethg.
    Honestly they should be given full prison sentence without an option of fine or bail. And then dismissed dishonorably from d force.
    Officers that were meant to protect lives are d ones destroyg lives, they are complete fools, let them rot in jail.

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