Photo: BUK, Bayero University Student Commits Suicide For Failing An Elective Course & Missing Registration Deadline

Bayero University Student suicide

May 27, 2016 – “My Education Is All I Live For” – Says BUK, Bayero University Student Who Killed Herself With Sniper Poison For Failing An Elective Course

Picture: BUK, Bayero University Student Commits Suicide For Failing An Elective Course & Missing Registration Deadline

Sarah Imoleayo Ighidabo, an undergraduate of Bayero University Kano, BUK took her own life few days ago for failing an elective course.

buk student suicide

The student of the Department of Library Science, Faculty of Education who took her own life by drinking Sniper insecticide left the suicide note below.

“I will not apply for course suspension my academics is all I live for, if I can’t get it right, f**k existing.”

Sarah killed herself on Thursday the 12th of May 2016 after all her effort to find solution to her problem failed.

She reportedly missed the registration deadline for the elective course she failed. On the day she terminated her life, she went to the Faculty of Sciences to see if anything could be done about her case, but she found out that it was too late to make any amends.

The deceased is an Esan lady from Edo State.

12 thoughts on “Photo: BUK, Bayero University Student Commits Suicide For Failing An Elective Course & Missing Registration Deadline

  1. Esan ppl of edo r too fetish,if you see an esan girl and a snake,kill d esan gurl and allow the snake bite you.
    Automatic ticket to hell fire,no repentance after suicide.I can never say rip to suicidal ppl,I blame buhari for this.high increased suicidal rate now in nigeria.

  2. Just wondering if that has solved ha problems. An elective course for that matter not a major course? Hmmm, its a pity you terminated your life at an unripe age. Rip

  3. It appears that many people are now tired of this life, and are just waiting for the slightest provocation and they would just kill themselves. That is so bad. If this lady had heard people’s stories, she would have acted wisely. There are so many people who spent 7 years in the university for a 4–year course. They did not kill themselves. They still pressed on and graduated at last. Though the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

  4. I spent 7 years at oau and even came out with 3 class, even with that I still dey smile around like goat! U con kill urself cos of elective . Rest in peace darling

  5. Madness is running in her blood. She’s not normal at all, if not, she wouldn’t have take her own life just because of this nonsense

  6. ********************* Why would you kill yourself because you failed an elective course?. Even if you have a carry-over does that mean you have to terminate your life because of that? The parents of nowadays young folks need to sit them down and teach them logic of life. There are many great people in this world who were not really great academically but their names have reached the corners of the World. Rotimi Williams one of prominent lawyer and the first Nigerian to become a SAN in this Country graduated with 3rd class. Before his death, some judges cannot dare him because of his competency. Frank Lloyd Wright one of American greatest Architect always have C grade when he was in school. Before his death, he became one of the renowned Architect in the World. There are many other people like that. Mind you there are many Rotimi’s and Frank lloyd’s classmate who were more brilliant and nobody recognized them. Academic pursuit is just an integral part of our challenges in this World but ability to make good thing out of bad ones is known as achievement. This girl has failed as an achiever.

  7. Dupe
    u real crack my ribs wit dat ur comment; na today I no say goat b dey smile like kilodeeeee

  8. common elective course and dat is why u terminated ur life ,nothing like rest in peace but pieces idiot

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