Photo Of Dead Ghanaian Woman, Food Seller Pounding Yam At Her Burial Goes Viral

photo corpse dead ghanaian woman pounding yam

August 1st, 2017 – Photo Of Corpse Of Dead Ghanaian Food Vendor Pounding Yam At Her Burial, Lying In State Goes Viral

Check out this viral photo of a Ghanaian woman who was the owner of a ‘mama put’ restaurant in Ghana before her death.

Her family members however did something tragic during her lying in state.

Her embalmed corpse was made to look as if she was pounding yam in real life.

The trending photo is already causing outrage on the social media with many blasting her family members for disrespecting the dead while other said they ‘re creative.

In reality, her family members seem to have gone way too far with this.

11 thoughts on “Photo Of Dead Ghanaian Woman, Food Seller Pounding Yam At Her Burial Goes Viral

  1. Those who said they were creative were right , albeit it was the creativity of a very disturbingly sick mind!

  2. Creative or not, this hardworking lady should rest from her labours and not even in pictures should she be seen toiling away after she had died.
    RIP Madam.

  3. She pounded yam for a living all her life and even on death, they can’t afford her the luxury of resting in peace? It’s like imposing a generational curse on her family, meaning they will not rest from hard labor, despite God’s assurance of sleeping eternally after death. Her family probably had good intentions, but got it all wrong. Please don’t defy the dead. Be creative with the living and let the dead sleep peacefully.

    • Very well said Lola O… You have just spoken my mind and the rest of others too. I don’t see any creativity here but foolishness of the highest order.

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