Photo: Gas Cylinder Explosion Kills 3 In Benin Edo State

gas explosion kills 3 benin edo state

July 19, 2016 – Picture: Gas Cylinder Explosion Kills 3 In Benin Edo State

3 lost their lives to gas explosion in Benin Edo state this past weekend.

Two siblings identified as Favour aged two and Odion aged 11, were among the victims of the incident which occurred after a five-kilogramme gas cylinder exploded at a residential building at No 32 Osazuwa Street, Off Benin-Agbor Expressway in Ikpoba-Okha local government area.

The explosion that occurred in the early hours of Sunday reportedly affected four families.
The fire was said to have engulfed residents in the building when a family opened their door to know what was happening outside.

Narrating how the explosion occurred, one of the victims, Ese Egharevba, whose husband and two children were also affected, said she was outside when she heard the explosion.

She said they found the cylinder and took it outside while her husband called on residents in the building not to strike any match or put their stove on, but unknown to them, a family was already cooking inside and when one of their children attempted to open the door, fire engulfed the building.

In his account, a teacher who gave his name as Christian Unuame, said the owner of the cylinder does not live in the building.

The victims were admitted at the Enoma Hospital while mother of the deceased’s siblings and her eldest daughter were referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

10 thoughts on “Photo: Gas Cylinder Explosion Kills 3 In Benin Edo State

  1. I have said it before that the increase in kerosene prices is driving many inexperience to using gases, accept it or not. Despite effort in creating awareness by the sellers to buyers,many novice continue to make mistakes in fact including those who have being using it for long. The risk of using gas cooker is very much heavy because its most likely would result to death as a result of explosion. My heart and condolences to the bereaved family in this sad moment of their lives. Caution should be extremely taking by whoever is using gas cooker. Gas cooker is cheaper than kerosene at this time. Which is the main reason why many are switching to using gases. Please gas users take caution and avoid anything mistake while using it.

  2. I am beginning to dread cooking gas afresh. When I was growing up, it felt to me like I was approaching a time bomb whenever I entered our neighbour’s house. The fear gradually wore out on account of growth.

    But as it is now, I feel that old fear creeping into me. I still believe that the safest way to handle this potentially hazardous cooking gas is to keep the cylinder in a separate shelter far outside the kitchen.

  3. Oh no, this is so sad, may God console d mother of d children and may d souls of d diseased rest in peace.

  4. Just what is happening? It seems everything is trending – even disasters like gas fire ang other fires. This is very disturbing and the populace should be sensitized about the danger from various forms of possible fire outbreak scenarios. These occurrences are becoming too frequent for comfort.
    RIP to the dead.

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