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Photo: Ghanaian Prostitute Who Killed 100 Men With Spiritual Snake Confesses

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Photo: Ghanaian Prostitute Who Killed 100 Men With Spiritual Snake Confesses

ghanaian prostitute kill men spiritual snake Katrine

July 23, 2017 – Shocking Confession Of Ghanaian Prostitute Who Killed Over 100 Men With Spiritual Snake During Sex

36-year-old Katrine Obenewaa, a sex worker who resides in Accra Ghana has revealed that she has killed over hundred men with her spiritual snake and rendered over seventy of them impotent with this same serpent.

She made this during an encounter with Brytfmonline reporter, Samuel Mprah in an interview.

According to Miss Katrine, she started the business as a sex worker at the age of sixteen when she left home as a result of broken home.

“I was initially working as a local sex worker but later expanded my terrain of operations upon coming into contact with Miss Elizabeth Opeyemi, an international sex worker from Nigeria”. She said.

Miss Katrine divulged that, her encounter with Miss Opeyemi opened her up to things that she was naïve about when it comes to matters of sex business. She was the one who took me to places like Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso among others for business purposes.

My eight years of friendship with Miss Opeyemi was a great moment that saw me with billions of cedis. I was able to buy two separates six bed room apartments from the monies I have made through my sex business and now owes a lot of other properties from this same sex business.

Miss Katrine disclosed that, the waddle nature of their business some years back prompted them to seek for spiritual backup with the aim of boasting their trade. Though I have acquired a lot of wealth from this business without any spiritual backup, the need for that inventiveness later trooped in.

She further unveiled that, their encounter with Alhaji Abugri, a spiritualist at Benin who has pledge to help them landed her into killing of hundred men with her serpent and landed over seventy of them into the state of impotency.

When quizzed about how she does this killing, she emphatically narrated that at the house of Alhaji Abugri, she has been given a cowrie and some substance that she normally inserts into her private part any moment she is about to embarked on her usual business.

To her these directives has reinstated her business to an extend that she began making monies as usual but something nasty has be occurring without her notice. “Those I have been having affairs with usually lost their life without my knowledge”. She cued.

She added that the realization of this occurrences pushed her to seek for explanations from Alhaji Abugri who later explained to her that the substance she has been inserting into her private part is a spiritual serpent that has been enticing men to seek for her service.

Miss Katrine also revealed that, she has pleaded with Alhaji Abugri to do something with this situation of hers but none of her effort yielded her any positive outcome. All he kept on telling me is that I can only alleviate myself from this situation on the day of my death.

Though I have acquired the needed wealth one could desire for in life, am still not a happy person because of this predicament in my life.

She indicated that she wishes she has never met Miss Opeyemi in her life. I have curse the day I met this Nigerian friend of mine. She said this in a state of remorse.

She then threw a word of caution to the youth about how dangerous the act of prostitution could be to their life. I plead to them to deter from the act of prostitution because it can lead them into many troubles. [Source]



  1. Halima Yahaya

    July 24, 2017 at 12:30 AM

    Scary hmmn

  2. Jilo

    July 24, 2017 at 3:36 PM

    Why do you have to go extra miles to boost your income if you already acquired enough properties to support yourself throughout your entire life span? From your statement, I realized you did not do this intensionally, I could have curse you and your entire family but you realized this later than sooner. That is Nigerian women for you. Evil communication corrupts good manners. If you already discover your luck why didn’t you follow your instinct and make money on your own bucks without using any plus. You should have use your brain and make your own money.

    It is quite understandable that some agents of devil are out there trying to use people like you to destroy some men. That is why we need to be careful whenever we are seeking for spiritual help. That lady herself may not be ordinary Asewo but people from occult world. If this useless Alhaji had told you the consequence, I bet you, you would not have involved yourself in this mess. 100 men is a huge numbers to die under your strngbox. My advise for you is to take a drastic step by looking for another native doctor, jujuman or any men of God wh can break the chain, negate that power and release you from the bondage you are in. You need to do this very fast because I’m concern more people are going to die if you don’t take make a move for remediation.


    July 26, 2017 at 12:13 AM




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