Photo: Governor Dickson Aide Don Evarada Arrested For Offering EFCC N10M Bribe To Kill N800M Case

don evadara efcc 10 million bribe

April 27, 2016 – Picture: Bayelsa Governor Seriake Dickson Aide Arrested Over N10 Million Bribe Offered To EFCC To Kill Apere Embelakpo N800Million Money Laundering Case

Abnedgo Don-Evarada, former Media spokesman for Bayelsa State Governor Dickson was picked up by the EFCC in Port Harcourt on Monday for allegedly offering bribe to the EFCC Zonal Head in PH, Mr Ishaq Salihu.

The suspect reportedly offered Salihu N10 million bribe to kill a money laundering case involving Apere Embelakpo and his wife Fiene Beauty.

The couple reportedly diverted N800million meant for Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

According to EFCC spokesman, Don Evarada offered the bribe ostensibly to compromise EFCC investigation. His offer was rejected while he was arrested.

The suspect is currently in EFCC custody.

11 thoughts on “Photo: Governor Dickson Aide Don Evarada Arrested For Offering EFCC N10M Bribe To Kill N800M Case

  1. From frying pan to fire for you. These couple are public enemies who deserve nothing but Federal punishment.
    Kudos to EFCC for their refusal to compromise their stance against bribery at least in THIS case, I dont know of ather case sha.

    I take to strolling…

  2. Nice one 4rm d official..
    If nigeria hv 10 per cent of ur type d dark side of corruption in this nation could have been geting more brighter..

  3. I suspect the Photograph was taken when he offered the bribe hence his smiling; please update on his current facial expression when the bribe was refused.

  4. Thank you Mr. Salihu for not accepting that #10 million Naira bribe. I commend you because not everybody can ignore such amount of money especially during this great recession. This is really showing that Nigerians are now smelling the coffee by not trying to sell their future for worthless money. If you have taken money you probably get some relieve from your financial constraints but this is only going to be for a short time plus this will have a huge devastating effect on other thousands of Balyesian. Thank you for not been greedy. It is now left for the justice department to mete out appropriate punishment on this guy Evarada in order to serve as deterrent to others.

  5. All this is all a frame up story to spoil the reputation of the man…. Please there are other thieves that needs to be accused not him….

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