Chief Olisa Metuh Faints, Falls Off Chair At PDP Meeting In Abuja

chief olisa metuh faints pdp event abuja

April 27, 2016 – Chief Olisa Metuh Faints, Falls Off Chairm At PDP Event In Abuja, Rushed To Hospital For Treatment

The embattled PDP National secretary fell from his chair by mistake yesterday during a program at the PDP Headquarters in Abuja

According to eyewitnesses, Metuh missed his step while he was about taking his seat besides PDP women leader Chikwe Kema. He fell on the floor after his chair slipped.

He was taken to the National Hospital for treatment and released immediately.

12 thoughts on “Chief Olisa Metuh Faints, Falls Off Chair At PDP Meeting In Abuja

  1. Apart from the currupt charges against him, as an elderly man, falling down especially in public glare is surely not a good omen.

    But then, can‘t stop me from taking my strolling…

  2. Eyaa!
    Accident can unknownly happen to anyone that’s why we call it accident..
    Good to hear u didn’t sustain any injury.

  3. Olisa Metuh is faking illness to avoid hardship 4rm EFFC. He wants to be regarded as a frail old man so that his punishment would be lessen. He’s a crook for tearing & attempting to chew his statement at EFFC office few months ago. It is obvious he is feigning being ill. Surely, illness & affliction shall dwell wt him all the days of his life !

  4. If he’s not feigning illness, why was he discharge immediately 4rm the hospital. He is not a good actor. He should have fainted and passed on to the great beyond or strip naked in the presence of the people like a tricycle rider did recently in Lagos. Then all his trials would be dismissed from court. Ndi ara !

  5. Wait, na only sey he fall from his chair that he’s taken to hospital. Nawaaa ooo, no good health is in him at all.

  6. There is nothing like holy ghost fire here cos it can happen to u, me or any other person. Sorry sir

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