Photo: Hunting Dog Named Trigger Accidentally Shoots Owner In Indiana

dog shoots hunter indiana

Oct 27, 2015 – Picture: Hunting Dog Named Trigger Accidentally Shoots Owner, Hunter In Indiana

A young American woman is presently recovering at an hospital in Indiana following a bizarre hunting accident.

The 25-year-old victim named Allie Carter was hunting for waterfowl on Saturday when her dog accidentally stepped on her 12-gauge shotgun, shooting her in the foot.

To add insult to her injury, the chocolate Labrador dog was named Trigger.

Allie Carter who is yet to complete her hunter training course urged all prospective hunters to do so before stepping out to avoid what happened to her.

dog shoots hunter indianaHunter

5 thoughts on “Photo: Hunting Dog Named Trigger Accidentally Shoots Owner In Indiana

    • Hahahahah guy u ar really funny…did u really read the story….the do stepped on the gun..and the gun fire….and it was mistake…nt delibrate….oh trigger u av injured mum..but mum still love u…ok pple i love dogs…infact i love dogs more than most human…lols

  1. LOL…! Why wouldn‘t the dog shot you , where you gave her the name trigger and you fail to recognise that one day, it will trigger you with the help of gun. If you like buy another one and give her AK47 and wait for what will happen. This one might not even be on your leg, it‘ll be on your forehead, that will not even give mouth to talk.

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