Photo: Man Beaten To Coma By Co-Tenants For Playing Loud Music In Ebonyi

man beaten by tenants ebonyi state

Sept 24, 2014 – Picture:Man Beaten To Coma By Co-Tenants For Playing Loud Music In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State

A middle age man has been beaten to coma by his neighbour for public disturbance.

35-year-old Paul Igwe was beaten black and blue by his co-tenants after all effort to get him to reduce the volume of his music proved abortive.

The attack happened on Enyibuchiri Street in Abakaliki area of Ebonyi State.

A neighbour who prefers to be unnamed said he was attacked after turning down several appeals from his co-tenants to reduce the volume of his musical set, which was to them a source of noise pollution to the environment.

The man was rushed to the hospital by his wife when he slipped into coma.

As at the time of this report, he is recovering at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki.

10 thoughts on “Photo: Man Beaten To Coma By Co-Tenants For Playing Loud Music In Ebonyi

  1. Sure he was using his stereo to oppress his co-tenants.
    Sure he has been warned a couple of times & he refused to hear.
    Well now the oppressor is now being oppressed, let evry1 face his biz.
    And m so sure that all that will come out from that deck of his will only be whisper of songs #Je ris en français#. & I continue my stroll…

  2. Dat serves him right,next tym he would b d one to advice others to reduce d volume of their music n dis serves as a warning to others who practice d same thing

  3. But why did d co tenants take law into their hand why not call the police on him dis is jungle justice and the culprit must be arrested

  4. An idiot animal call himself tenant among human being,what order did he have by taking law in his own hand. Is he the landlord? or is he d only tenant living in that house with this man? He need to face d hottest consequence behind his grievous act

  5. Let us not take the law in our own hands. The best was to report him to the police, what of if he had died? hm,

  6. Co-tenant indeed if am releated to the victim, i will sure that the co-tenant face the consquency for wot he did to his follow tenant, bcos he is nt a landlord or caretiker

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