Photo: Native Doctor Caught With Human Skull Says His Charm Has Travelled

native doctor caught human skull

September 21, 2016 – Picture: See The Herbalist Who Told Police His Charm Has Travelled In Abia State

28-year-old Oluebube Nwachuku, a very young and bold native doctor told police yesterday while he was being paraded that officers who raided his house in Umuahia area of Abia state on Sunday were able to arrest him because his charm has travelled.

Nwachukwu who claimed to have inherited a human skull and bone from his late uncle described his arrest as unlawful.

According to him, there is no law that permits police to arrest native doctors.

13 thoughts on “Photo: Native Doctor Caught With Human Skull Says His Charm Has Travelled

  1. your charm travel to where? that is why we Christians say our God never sleeps nor slumber which means he is every where anytime and place. lock up the bastard and trow the keys away

    Stupid boy, your mate are making money/names for themselves and you’re shamelessly talking bulshit.
    You inherited your uncle’s jazz bone, kindly inherent his sentence because sins of the fathers/uncles are real.

    Which state did your juju traveled to ?
    Call the juju phone number & tell it that ‘their friend in black took you away.
    But wait oh, you mean your something no get power to see your predicament?
    Silly Mr bones.

  3. In as much as they refuse to give God a space in their heart they have reprobate minds which makes them do what is not right.

  4. This guy is funny….but sometimes it’s a bold step to announce openly if one is serving the Devil,because i found out that in Nigeria people choose to serve both the devil and our LIVING GOD,thereby complicating their life. Folks,you can never serve both at the same time,it’s in the Holy Bible and Jesus said so.

  5. Skewed argument from a person who has lost touch with reality!who deceived you into thinking it unlawful for juju man to be arrested? Maybe some of the people who have the duty to arrest do patronize you hence your false belief.
    Well by the time this matter is put to rest you will learn that juju no dey catch Government !! Mchweeeew!!!

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