Photo: NYSC Corper Arrested For Stealing Phone From Cashier At Eco Bank In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

nysc corper steal phone ecobank ebonyi

April 22, 2016 – Picture: NYSC Corper Arrested For Stealing Phone From Cashier At Eco Bank In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

Mohammed Aminu Tukur, a serving member of the NYSC was arrested at the Ecobank last week for allegedly stealing a Techno M6 mobile phone belonging to one of the cashiers at the bank.

Though he initially denied stealing the phone, a thorough search carried out by the security officials on duty exposed him.

Every customer was subjected to a search, but Tukur refused to be searched. He angrily told the security guards conducting the search not to search him.

He said it was against his Muslim faith. All efforts made to search him, proved abortive as he resisted. The manager alerted policemen from the nearest police station. “When the policemen landed, they approached Tukur for search. He still maintained his earlier stand. The policemen overpowered him.

They searched him and discovered the cell phone inside his pocket.” One of the policemen, a Muslim, was angry and disgusted, with Tukur. He said Tukur was a disgrace to Islam. The policemen whisked Tukur away for further investigation. Tukur attributed the act to the handiwork of the devil.

His words: “It’s the devil that lured me into this type of mess. I wouldn’t have ordinarily stolen a cell phone. I’m finished! Look at what I have caused my serve. I’m a corps member. I don’t know what will be my fate after what I had done.

I have caused myself public embarrassment.” Tukur pleaded for forgiveness, promising never to indulge in such act again.


11 thoughts on “Photo: NYSC Corper Arrested For Stealing Phone From Cashier At Eco Bank In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

  1. National Youth STEALING Corps. They should have just dailed the No of thr phone. instead of the rigorious search.

    It is against your islam faith for you to be searched but islam faith not against you stealing abi? Ok, go tell that to the prison bars. Onyioshi!

    I take a sroll…

  2. Chai. See blood for his hand o. It be like say na dog bite am there. Is a sorry I am dey on behaf of you. I am also shame on behaf of you. You was wanted to tiff the fone carry go give your girl friend. Your girl friend was say you no go do her until you have buy her fone, so you are wenting to tiff for bank bicos conji was hold you for long thing. Chai. Is a sorry I am dey and shame I am also dey. See wetin womens are cause. Womens is nonsens o. Womens is spoil the world. Womens is make man play wayo. Womens is send man go tiff. Womens is even make devil sin. Na woman cause devil to sin for heaven. Nonsens.

  3. So every religion blames the same devil for their wrong doing? Na wa o! This guy graduated in “stealing” and is now displaying his adeptness or is it aptitude they call it. Tiff!!!

  4. What course did you read in the school? Is it stealing or the hardship coursed it, nawahoo it is a pity.

  5. Since u said dat it was d devil dat was pushing u to dat, now tell us, it d devil black or white? U took dat fone so dat u go an brag wit ur fellow corpers dat u hv bought a fone, thief.

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