Photos: FFO Wife Pours Hot Water On Husband In Maryland Lagos For Buying Insufficient Food

wife pours water husband maryland lagos

April 21, 2016 – Pictures: FFO Woman Pours Hot Water On Husband In Maryland Lagos For Buying Insufficient Food

Check out what an FFO woman did to her husband in a house in Maryland Lagos.

According to co-tenants, the wife of the poor man picture below reportedly poured hot water on him for allegedly buying insufficient food.

The landlord is planning to evacuate all his tenants for fear of police intimidation.

Madam For Food Only is currently cooling off in police detention

12 thoughts on “Photos: FFO Wife Pours Hot Water On Husband In Maryland Lagos For Buying Insufficient Food

  1. This is what you get when you have a nagging woman at home for a wife.
    She suddenly becomes the cook and you, the food. Maybe she taught since there was no enough food at home, the best thing to do to boost the quantity of food was to turn her husband into EBA*wink

    To all the bachelors in the House, pls o if you dont want to end up being cooked, pls before you marry, look very careful before you leap o..
    Metu de hear me so?

    As for me, I‘m still single but not searching o… Just strolling..

  2. I was wondering what you meant by FFO.

    When I see what many couples go through, the vicious fights, exchange of vitriolic words and even the speed with which some couples quit, I wonder why people are still encouraged to get married. You stand by the roadside on Saturdays and you may not be able to count how many about-to-wed cars that passed, only for the couples to start facing this kind of thing the following day.

    The world is just full of ironies. They say who finds a wife finds a beautiful thing. I need my eyeglasses to be able to see the beauty in this very woman.

  3. That name correct o, FFO. That woman is evil. They’re the types causing bad luck to the unmarried ones, because men are now seeing women as a problem to spend their precious lives with. I hope she’s given 20yrs imprisonment with hard labour.

  4. Ouch! That response stung me @D Hunter. Misogynist? No, I don’t think that’s what you really are. Your comments here betray a natural, unfeigned admiration and respect for women. A misogynist will never admit that we have several beautiful lady-commentators in this place; a misogynist would not look at Maryf and feel gratitude for God’s workmanship. A misogynist feels nothing but contempt and scorn for all women, including his mother whom filial affections should have exempted from her son’s maniacal disposition.

    But you don’t have such a psychological case. So who are you?

  5. That woman is very stupid simply b’cos the food her husband brought home wouldn’t suffient enough and dat is y she pour hot water on her husband. What an evil act.

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