Photo Of The Day: PHCN Turns Bread Supplier

phcn bread supplier

Feb 6, 2014 – Photo Of The Day: PHCN Turns Bread Supplier

This explains why we get frequent blackouts.

They don’t supply us light but they are good at supplying breads.

16 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: PHCN Turns Bread Supplier

  1. Hahahahahahah!!!…. Nigeria and F*ck Up na the same meaning. When I say “naija” u say “f*ck up” (echo) x 3

  2. 9ja power holding has turn to something else. Since this stupid man have sold it we don’t even enjoyn it anymore….fake leaders

  3. Every thing is just going wrong in Nigeria, I keep asking God why?
    jonathan why? U were once saying dat u had no shoe! And dat
    u hav been in a filthy condition just like rest of us Nigerians!
    And we became a bit consoled when we heard u said dat u wil try ur very best to save Nigeria.
    But now look @ how hopeless u hav made Nigeria.
    PHCN van now being used to supply bread.
    Which hope do we hav again?

  4. Pls oo.. Z dat bus supposed to be a stolen bus frm PHCN or its actually PHCN demselves?? Omo, dis is real funny!!

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