Photo: Police Arrest Area Boys Who Destroyed 47 BRT Buses In Maryland Lagos

area boys arrested destroy brt buses

June 30, 2016 – Picture: Police Arrests Area Boys Who Burnt 47 BRT Buses In Maryland Lagos

Some of the guys who coordinated the vandalization of 47 BRT buses in Lagos yesterday have been arrested.

All hell broke loose in Maryland yesterday when a KAI (Kick Against Indiscipline) official chased a hawker to his death. The sad incident caused serious traffic gridlock from Maryland Independence Tunnel to Fadeyi yesterday.

In a reprisal attack on Lagos State Government, some area boys joined a group of hawkers to vandalise 47 BRT buses owned by LAGBUS Asset Management.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Police Arrest Area Boys Who Destroyed 47 BRT Buses In Maryland Lagos

  1. What was the offence of the hawker before he or she was chased to death before the reprisal attack on the 47 BRT buses?

    I take a stroll…

  2. Give the hawkers alternative and affordable means of livelihood first rather than hound them as if earning a living is a heinous crime.
    From the photographs of those arrested there is every indication they were thoroughly “panel beaten” in the process. The Government has lost and until new means of transport is provided it is the citizenry that will suffer more from lack of transport.unfortunate as the incident is, I hope justice will be tampered with mercy. The people enforcing the law should be trained to know that the the law is for the people and not the people for the law. If people lose their lives in the course of being corrected, then who will be governed in the perfect society created? Please the powers that be should intervene and stop the problem from escalating.

  3. It just be like say na Mohammed Ali was beat that boy. See his face. His eye has big like persin weyris see ghost.

  4. Good they arrested them and then got them well beaten. They are nuisance to human in that Lagos Nigeria. In lands everywhere no peace.

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