Photo: Rapist Arrested At Obalende Lagos Confesses, Blames The Devil & Alcohol

rapist arrested obalende lagos

April 14, 2016 – Picture: Rapist Arrested At Obalende Lagos Confesses, Blames The Devil & Alcohol

36-year-old Imeh Akpan, a married man arrested on Wednesday for defiling his wife’s 15-year-old half-sister has blamed the devil and alcohol consumption for his evil action.

Hear what the Obalende resident told the police:

It is not as if I raped her. I was drunk when I raped her. I returned from a party that fateful day. I didn’t know when I removed my clothes and raped her. There was nobody at home that night. Sincerely speaking, I was under the influence of alcohol.

How could I have sex with a little girl like that? I’m married. I brought her up. Why would I rape somebody who had been living with me since she was just five years’ old? What happened to me was just the work of the devil.”

14 thoughts on “Photo: Rapist Arrested At Obalende Lagos Confesses, Blames The Devil & Alcohol

  1. The devil was responsible for your raping the girl? Ok, fine. How about the alcohol? The devil also put that in your mouth I think?

    Ok, why didnt the devil lead you to a prostitude at a brothel or a MAD woman on the street why this girl? Its possible you might have been eyeing this girl and you knew exactly when to strike, WHEN THERE WAS NO ONE AT HOME. Come on… You can tell that to the prison bars that may keep you company for the next 14yrs.

    My strolling continues…

  2. The truth is that you felt you should reap the fruit of your labour for having “raised her ” since she was five years. May your inglorious master the devil give you a hard knock by way of long i imprisonment term with hard labour. Dirty old man!

  3. I won’t argue whether the devil is innocent or not, but what I know is that he is not going into the prison with you. If I am your accomplice in a crime, I go down with you when you go down. You say the devil suggested that to you. But I am quite sure that when you are there in some poorly maintained prison, smelling different rusty rods, the devil would take a vacation to somewhere in the Bahamas. So who loses?

    There is how frequent a phrase or an ideology would be used and you just find it naturally fade out and become old-fashioned. I don’t know what is it with this stereotyped habbit of criminals calling the devil each time they are caught that they still find it a fashionable excuse to give.

  4. Devil my foot, I don’t no why people keeping blaming devil for their wrongs. See how u have destroy d girls life. I pray u get a devil judgements.

  5. When you do bad, you keep accusing the devil. What you have done is bad, accept the fact you are wrong. You have just created an emotional trauma in that girls life. yeye uncle

  6. You are a big fool, you were drunk, now your eye is clear, clap for yourself. The bible said “as a man think in his heart, so is he, When you allow the devil to use you, you will say it is the devil.

    if someone do dat to your sister or your daughter, what will you say or do. No pity for you, go to jail your eye will be clear there. Let me tell you the gospel truth Just be born again, receive Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour

  7. On your way back home from the party the devil and alcohol didn’t pushed u to jumped into lagoon or train tracks so that u can die but instead the devil and alcohol pushed u to raped a 15 years old girl, u are a mad man may u rot in jail basterd.

  8. Useless man,you did what’s on your mind and now you’re blaming the devil for the evil act. The thunder that will strike you is doing press up. Old fool

  9. He has been lusting after the girl..He only used the alcohol to ginger himself…Let the devil lead him to kirikiri

  10. He has been lusting after the girl..He only used the alcohol to ginger himselff….Let the devil lead him to kirikiri

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