Photo: Shoemaker Who Killed ‘Witch’ Mother In Anambra Says He Did The Right Thing

shoemaker killed mother anambra

August 12, 2014 – Picture: Shoemaker Who Killed ‘Witch’ Mum In Anambra State Says He Did The Right Thing

Meet the religious man who murdered his mother after he accused her of being a witch.

He said his late mum prevented the Holy Spirit from entering the family house and has hindered all her children from progressing in life.

He fled to Aba in Abia after killing her.

The 29-year-old shoemaker identified as Ekene Ucheagwu said when the kingdom of God comes, people will come to the realisation that he did the right thing.

Someone somewhere must have told him something wrong about his mother.

May her soul rest in peace.