Photo: UNILAG Dropout, Notorious Phone Thief Arrested For Stealing 4 iPhones From Jobseekers

unilag drop out phone thief

Oct 7, 2016 – Picture: Notorious Phone Thief, UNILAG Dropout Arrested For Stealing 4 iPhones From Female Jobseekers

26-year-old Damilola Sarumi was first arrested in January for allegedly obtaining 6 expensive phones from 7 women at various hotels in Lagos with the pretext of qualifying them for a dancing competition.

He was arrested and jailed for about 5 months before perfecting his bail condition.

On the 25th of August, he collected 4 iPhones from 4 different women under the pretext of securing jobs for them at a popular hotel in VI. He reportedly sold the phones to one Toheed Fatuga who was later arrested.

Fatuga later led police to Sarumi’s apartment at Okesuna area of Lagos Island where he was arrested.

He told police he dropped out of the University of Lagos because life was tough for him as an orphan.

But his pleads were not taken. He is currently remanded at Ikoyi Prison pending the time he will fulfill his bail conditions.

7 thoughts on “Photo: UNILAG Dropout, Notorious Phone Thief Arrested For Stealing 4 iPhones From Jobseekers

  1. For there mere fact that you are a orphan, you have to be determined so that you can make it in life. Damilola, I won’t take that as an excuse. No excuse is allowed!

  2. He specializes in stealing phones from women,. Ode buruku, weakling !!! He won’t steal from men like him so they don’t beat the living daylights out of his thieving body!

  3. If you are an orphan, that in itself is a big unfortunate fate that should make you plan well for your life instead of victimizing innocent gullible women.
    Leave the women alone, they are not the cause of your problems.

    I take a stroll…

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