Photo: Wicked Father Chained Adult Son, Locked Him Up In Room For 2 Months In Agege Lagos

man chained son agege lagos

April 26, 2016 – Picture: Wicked Dad Chained 35-Year-old Son, Locked Him Up In A Room For 2 Months In Agege Lagos

A wicked man has been arrested in Agege Lagos for allegedly torturing his son for two full months.

The suspect identified as 65-year-old Akanbi Lawal told police he locked his son up for bringing shame to his family.

The victim was rescued on Saturday inside a room at #4 Ifekoya Street in Papa Ashafa area of Agege when one of his friends, Olukoju Tayo reported the matter to the police.

Policemen from Dopemu Station quickly rushed down to the room to rescue Yusuf Lawal whose hands have started decaying.

He was rushed to Oke Odo General Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

This is wickedness of the highest order.

13 thoughts on “Photo: Wicked Father Chained Adult Son, Locked Him Up In Room For 2 Months In Agege Lagos

  1. Wicked man, how sure are we he’s the biological father? A grown up man locked up! Just wondering what kind of shame his talking about.

  2. If thoroughly investigated u will be surprise dat d boy might not be his son.
    But if actually it’s his son den dere z no any different bt him and lucifer.
    tank GOD 4 his friend who rescue him 4rm such horrible torture

  3. I will never forgive this man for this sin. What could the guy have done to warrant being treated like accient slaves. What era does he think he was living in?

    Why did it take so much time before the case was reported to the police? Ow true is this story? Dont they live with anybody like the wife, neigbours? Does the guy in question not have any friend? To report the case when he was just two days in captivity?
    Kai… I dont get it.

  4. One thing is not clear to me at this stage a man of 35 years old,was being treated in this way, Is he married as an adult or still single? Secondly where is this man’s mother I mean the victim’s mother. I can’t believe this in the modern world of today that this is still happens.This man’s father needs to be treated the same way he treated his son I wish his son quick recovery. So that he can able to see his dad being punished in the same way

  5. Hmmmmmm, things are really happening in 9ja everyday, how can a man will see his own son’s hand gettin bad and yet still have d mind to leave d chain with him, may God help our land Nigeria oo

  6. Wicked father indeed. What kind of shame has your son brought to you that you have never done in your life to your parents and relations too? All these wicked parents claiming saint and their even the worst are just forming and they deserve this type of arrest.

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