Photos: 5 Armed Robbers Who Attacked Onazi’s Father In Jos Arrested In Lagos

armed robbers attack onazi father arrested lagos

Septembr 16, 2016 – Pictures: 5 Armed Robbers Who Attacked Onazi’s Father In Jos Arrested In Lagos

The 5 suspected armed robbers who reportedly attacked the elderly father of Super Eagles’ star, Ogenyi Onazi in Jos, Plateau state on Monday are now in police custody.

The suspects were arrested in an hotel in Lagos while waiting for the arrival of a buyer for the Toyota Highlander car they snatched from Onazi’s father, Pa wilson Onazi.

armed robbers attack onazi father arrested lagos

The robbery suspects identified as 20-year-old Ugochukwu Ebuka, 23-year-old Osita Ezeanu, 20-year-old Joshua Ozo, 20-year-old Kingsley David and 20-year-old Ali Audu were arrested by officials from Ajangbadi Police station yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Photos: 5 Armed Robbers Who Attacked Onazi’s Father In Jos Arrested In Lagos

  1. Guys stealing is the worst business in life, look at the way you promising boys disgrace yourself and family in the media. There is no hiding place for your information from Jos to Lagos and still you are caught.

    Repent and invite Jesus into your life, he will guide you and direct your path in life.

  2. Yes, there are criminals in all other tribes in Nigeria but, what really accounts for the prevalence of a single tribe’s notoriety in criminal activities and why the large number of criminals and armed robbery gangs concentrated in that single tribe as we see in Nigeria. These group of tribal criminals have even developed into gangs of tribal criminal affinity in order that they provide for themselves the secrecy and cover-ups when one is arrested. A report from the city of Hydarabad in India is another case of this same tribes men involved in drug related crime and have been sentenced to jail terms. There are similar criminal cases of these same set of people in the South Eastern Asian countries involved in all manner of criminal activities and are sadly labelled “Nigerians”, meanwhile at home they continue to agitate for secesions; reasons based on persived marginalisation. This normadic tribe is spread all over every corner across Africa and beyond pepertrating criminality in wanton recklessness and unmindful of the destructions and bad image they bring to bare on the entire Nigerian nation. Some of us have no reason but conclude crime is in the DNA of this tribes cos another case was reported in Ghana of another Bank scam of $150,000 dollars involving same tribe. The good news however is in Ghana and across West Africa and South & East African countries have come to identify them as criminal minded Nigerian tribe and no longer lump them together with the rest of law abiding Nigerian tribes cos any crime involving a Nigerian is 90% more likely to be one of them. The elders among them need to sit up and address the problems of their youth holistically because, its already becoming an epidemic and charracter trait of a tribe.

  3. your mate are outside there hustling in a more legitimate way and you are here stealing from them..
    look at them there is no sign of remorse on their face…i pray they bag a jail term of at least 25yrs each as a reward for their labour

    #clueless human

  4. AT LAST !!!
    You see how God shamed the devil. You guys left a message that his son will be next, right ?
    Now who is laughing?
    Well, I pray they torture you guys very well because someone/an insider gave out the Onazi so call out the person.
    Sorry PA Onazi.

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